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Best Gift Ideas for Xbox Fans

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If you've been hunting for some of the best Xbox gifts on the market, then you're in luck, because honestly, the gaming giant has a surplus of such trinkets and gizmos in this day and age. And not just any bog-standard keychains or posters either — but a treasure trove of surprisingly quirky and memorable products, all of which could quite easily win over any Microsoft superfan. Question is, of all the merchandise the green-sporting firm has, which gifts are actually worth buying in 2023?

10. Xbox Mini Fridge

What better way to store all of those late-night snacks and carbonated drinks than in an official Xbox Series X mini fridge? It's the ideal gift, really, and one that serves its purpose of allowing you to stash a whole bunch of goodies without needing  venture all that far from the system. It's small, quirky, and actually pretty sleek, all things considered. And while it can only store 10 litres (or 12 cans) worth, it's still a pretty worthy self-sustaining investment. Well played, Xbox.

9. Xbox Gaming Locker

If you're either a lover of all things couch co-op, or a gamer who just prefers to have everything stored in one location, then you'll no doubt find something as convenient as a gaming locker to your liking. It's compact enough to fit into a snug position on your mantelpiece, and yet spacious enough to wield up to four controllers, a pair of headphones, and a stack of your favorite games. So, if you're planning on hosting the ultimate gaming session, or are looking to game on the go, then you've just found your near-perfect traveling companion.

8. Xbox Achievement Light

If you've an interest in harvesting achievements like they're going out of fashion, then chances are you're also the type who commemorates accomplishments, no matter how big or small the win. If that's you, then you're sure to find something as simple yet elegantly iconic as an LED trophy a worthy choice of gift. Measuring at just 21cm in length, the glossy cup is sure to snap right into a space either beside your console or locker.

7. Custom Controller Skins & Cases

It isn't exactly a new thing — customizing your controller to showcase a certain graphic or theme. That said, such products have come a long way since being introduced to the market however many years ago, which means you can now display various materials, characters, and even your own Gamertag. If that's the sort of service you're on the hunt for, then rest assured that there are, quite possibly, hundreds of firms with the technology needed to turn your ideas into real-life mods.

6. Pop Vinyl

Pop vinyls, like FUNKO figures, for example, have long been some of the community's all-time favourite types of collectible. And it makes sense, given the sheer quantity of the things in this day and age. Therefore, if you're after a shelf crammed full of memorabilia, then there's no doubt about it — pop vinyl figures are arguably some of the best stocking fillers on the web. But who to get other than Master Chief and Marcus Fenix? Behold, the million dollar question!

5. Xbox Controller Stress Ball

Let's face it — the creator behind this one probably played (and lost) one too many games of FIFA, and perhaps thought it best to create something to help take the lead out. Well, as it turns out, that item wound up being a stress ball; an Xbox controller…stress ball. It goes without saying that nearly every gamer in 2023 could do with one of these to help shed some of that post-match rage. Question is, will you buy it for yourself, or just present it as a gift to the person you recently thrashed? Either one works a treat.

4. Xbox Game Pass Subscription

When all's said and done, there isn't an Xbox gift on the market that settles it the same way a pre-paid subscription for Game Pass does. And in 2023, it's probably one of the best Xbox gifts overall, as the platform itself is leaps and bounds ahead of any other streaming service on the board. Add the fact that it also boasts EA Play on top of its hundred-plus exclusives, and you've got a no-brainer. So, if you're feeling rather generous, then nothing will truly outshine a good old-fashioned 12-month Game Pass subscription.

3. Licensed Xbox Remote

Lost your pad? No problem. Thanks to this officially licensed Xbox remote, you can execute all the same functions as a controller, which includes turning your console on and off, as well as locating apps and games. So, quite a convenient tool — especially if you're known for losing things on a regular basis. Just do yourself a favor and don't misplace the remote, too.

2. Custom Bobblehead

If you're after something a little more, shall we say, quirky, then perhaps consider picking up a custom bobblehead that looks exactly like your Xbox avatar. Thanks to this rather niche firm, you can create a personalized figurine and staple your Gamertag to it, either to put in your own home, study, or workplace, or in a friend's. It's silly, cute, and also somewhat disturbing. In the best possible way, of course.

1. Pillows, Mugs & Stationery

If you're after something a little more budget-friendly, then rest assured that Xbox has countless gifts to tide you over, regardless of the occasion. Whatever your preference is, know that there's usually a mug, cushion, or themed stapler to throw your money at. But for what it's worth, we strongly suggest getting your hands on that Xbox controller pillow, simply because, you know, it's unique.


So, what's your take? Will you be getting your hands on any of the above Xbox gifts this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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