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Atomic Heart is a title that is upcoming for release in 2023. Many elements of the game hope to make it stand out in today's thriving game market. Atomic Heart hopes to set itself apart through a unique aesthetic and setting and the creativity put into its weapon systems. In addition, the world of Atomic Heart will interest many players looking for a fantastic FPS experience. So without further ado, here is Atomic Heart: Everything We Know.

5. The Setting

There is a surprising amount of information about the setting and backdrop in which the game is set. This is great as it allows for players to learn more about the world in which the game takes place. In addition, the detail in which the world is explained is rather impressive, considering the game has yet to release. The setting of the game takes place around 1955 in the USSR. This is a unique placement for the game's location and is sure to be an exciting world to explore.

The world has been affected heavily by the discovery of polymers. That has led to scientists creating advanced robotics with the purpose of helping out people's daily lives. However, the scientists in this game went a step further and made a neural link system that allows the robots to be on the same telepathic wavelength s the humans. While this was most likely done for ergonomics' sake, it will be interesting to see how this plays into the game's plot. In closing, the game's setting will play a pivotal role in how we view the world within Atomic Heart.

4. Cybernetics Will Be Important

It can be seen throughout the trailer and within information online that the world of cybernetics will be critical to this game's lore. After all, the game's main character has been implanted with these cybernetics to replace several parts of the body. This is sure to be interesting to deal with, as the game may discuss the ramifications of such upgrades. As much can be said on the topic, this would be an exciting narrative beat to follow.

In conclusion, cybernetics and their usage will be very important to the plot of Atomic Heart. This can be seen through their inclusion of the concept within the game's main character. It will be interesting to see what kind of commentary about the situation will come from this. So far, as we can tell, the concept appears to be fully realized within the world, making it a fantastic setting to discuss the issues related to cybernetics. Whether or not people should be upgraded in such a manner would undoubtedly be an exciting narrative beat to follow if the developers choose to do so.

3. The Game's Weapons

As Atomic Heart is an FPS, one of the most important things is the weapons that players will be able to get their hands on in the game. It would seem that the game features a relatively robust roster of weapons that players will be able to use. These weapons appear beautifully detailed and reflect the setting in which the game takes place. This is sure to be interesting as it will allow players to play the way they want with the weapons given to them by the developers. The weapons on offer appear to be almost steampunk, which is interesting as well.

It would also appear that many of the weapons have some connectivity with the main character's suit. This is a relatively cool concept, as it will allow players to mess around with different builds and abilities. The game will also feature various weapon classes that will make them effective at different ranges. For example, there will be shotguns which would be devastating at close range, and more long-range options. This is great as it will allow the player to approach combat differently. The game's weapons will undoubtedly be interesting in Atomic Heart.

2. The Environments

The environment will also play a pivotal role in Atomic Heart. The places that the player will explore seem to be densely packed with detail. This is great as it will allow players to find more hidden objects and areas and make the world feel more lived-in. However, from what we can ascertain of the game's environments, they appear to be an odd mix of pristine and dystopian. This is an exciting duality, and it will be intriguing to see how this plays out in-game.

For example, the lab that can be seen in the game's trailer pulls its name from a scientific experiment. This lab is interesting because both robots and humans garrison it, but certain sections don't allow the other party inside. It will be nice to see just what happened between the two types of employees and what is happening in the world. Also, as cybernetic surgery plays a pivotal role in the game, perhaps this location will also have ties to that concept.

1. The Game's Tone

The game's tone seems to be very serious when dealing with dialogue and other things, but the gameplay appears to be a bombastic journey through many explosions. This will be very interesting to see how the developers balance both of the tones within the game. The combat appears to be furious and frantic, which is fantastic as it will allow players to feel pressed when playing the game honestly. For example, if you are overwhelmed by machines, this lends itself well to players remembering the experience.

In conclusion, the game's tone is sure to play a role in just how the game will handle specific narrative beats and the overall world in the game. The tone is likely to be a blend of serious fun that will keep players coming back for more. In addition, the game seems to approach its setting and characters with an amount of realism. That makes them feel grounded in the world they are in. So if the tone of the game stays consistent, this will be one of the most memorable upcoming titles.

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