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All Heists in Payday 3, Ranked

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All Heists in Payday 3

An excruciatingly long-running year later, Payday 3 has arrived, and it has in store an exciting new bunch of heists to pull off. You’re free to pick the eight total heists in Payday 3 in whatever order you like. So, you can choose to start with the ones that tickle your fancy the most. But clearing them in order will also unlock compelling cutscenes that piece the puzzles of Payday 3’s story together. 

Either way, you’re in for a treat with ingenious map designs to maneuver. Each heist has a unique setting and theme that can influence how you approach it. Will you sneak in and out of the heist without causing too much of a fuss, or is your style more rolling into the heist guns blazing? Both ways, you have to head into the heists prepared with powerful weapons and character build suited for the tasks at hand. 

To kick your playthrough off on a high note, check out our ranking of all the heists in Payday 3, which should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

8. 99 Boxes

Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth Solo Guide (Normal)

Cargo docks often have lucrative loot to steal. So, Payday 3 tasks you with sneaking into one located in a New York harbor to steal a shipment containing experimental hi-tech electrical equipment. It’s the perfect idea to test your stealth skills, as any noise or loud movements can trigger the folks over at the Wixia company to respond with full force. While the idea itself is excellent, the execution feels a little too chilled for the typical Payday taste. 

Plenty of NPCs (civilians) are within the shipping yard, and any one of them could tip off your position. You have to master patience, slowly sneak past NPCs, and avoid getting caught (since taking hostages is less than ideal). It can feel like a chore, moving back and forth to complete objectives and checking lots of items to pick up off of a list. Who said stealing from a shipping yard was a walk in the park?

7. Under the Surphaze

Under The Surphaze Stealth Guide - Payday 3

Besides shipping yards, the next prime spots for heists are art galleries. The plan is to get away with a handful of paintings. Easy peasy, right? Well, just like Lupin, you can decide to walk in like you own the place. Or, alternatively, choose to wear a mask. One of the cooler options is to stealth the heist, but it can be quite complex to pull through. 

It’s indeed one of the more difficult heist options, pouring hours into the planning and execution process. So many cameras watch over the priceless art in a warehouse. Meanwhile, cops lie in wait, too. Yet, even so, each moment will be a thrill, especially when you manage to escape with all the loot.   

6. Rock the Cradle

Payday 3 Rock The Cradle Stealth Solo No Mask (Normal)

Next up, we have a unique name for a unique heist. “Rock the Cradle” has nothing to do with “cradle.” Rather, pulling off a million-dollar cryptocurrency heist inside a nightclub. Of course, you’ll have your typical “distract the bouncer” and “pickpocket key card” tasks. But you have fun ones, too, like manipulating audio speakers to lure bouncers away from escape routes.

Once you access the IT room that houses the crypto wallet, it’s time to figure out how to get out unseen. All along, you have to cover the bases by planning meticulously, executing the heist with precision, and leaving without a trace. With multiple approaches, none easier than the other, it can ultimately feel like a short and sweet affair but worth the trouble in the end.

5. Touch the Sky

Payday 3 Touch the Sky Stealth Solo Guide (Normal)

Infiltrating a tightly secured mansion can go all sorts of ways. Your job is to sneak into the penthouse, steal a secure hard drive, and escape without a trace. Touch the Sky is personal, as the hard drive contains information on a conspiracy against the Payday gang, and no one crosses the gang and gets away with it. 

The executive penthouse isn’t going to be a piece of cake. Plenty of cameras are on high alert, and multiple layers of security can easily be breached. But since it’s the final heist, Payday 3 doesn’t hesitate to send us off with a bang. With strategy and key preparation at the forefront of succeeding, Touch the Sky perfectly nails the heist with fascinating rewards at the finish line.

4. Dirty Ice

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth Solo (Normal) - How to Open Vault and Loot VIP Room

Dirty Ice is your everyday jewelry store heist. However, its payout is huge, thanks to loot at the display and storage. Also, you can get in and out without raising an alarm, all thanks to the manager,whom you can coerce to work with you. From here, you’re free to grab all the diamonds you want without interruption.

Among other heists, Dirty Ice gives optional objectives. So, it’s up to you to decide how far you’re willing to go. You can choose to do the classic smash-and-grab from the display room. But an even juicer payout awaits if you dare take a leap of faith.

3. No Rest for the Wicked

Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Solo Stealth (Normal) - Stealth Beginner's Guide

Another classic, “No Rest for the Wicked,” takes place in a regional medium-sized bank in New York City, and I guess robbing banks just never goes out of style. Your main goal is to break into the bank’s vault for maximum loot, and while you can go in guns blazing, imagine getting to the vault undetected by the cameras or guards.

It also puts an emphasis on teamwork, where while some heists are possible to pull off solo, No Rest for the Wicked needs tagging along a buddy or two. And in the case of pulling off a good old-fashioned bank heist, more is definitely merrier.

2. Gold & Sharke

Payday 3 Gold & Sharke Solo Stealth Guide (Normal)

What’s better than robbing a regional bank? Robbing a bigger bank, of course. The stakes are higher, with higher layers of security. Simply getting to the vault to steal the server will require jumping through more hoops than before. Remember, there’s no rest for the wicked, plus the return is so much higher.

You might even go as far as to say Gold & Shark is Payday 3’s crown jewel. It gives you the freedom to run the heist as you please. Whether with masks or without, with force or stealth, it’s up to you. If you decide to take the guns-blazing route, you’ll need a stronger support team, but that only adds to the level of fun in store for you.

1. Road Rage

Road Rage FULL GUIDE | Solo Loud - Payday 3

Who doesn’t love a good road rage? Watching a video of one, of course. You have no option but to bring out the big guns, as stealth can only take you so far. The police will fasten their belts, ready to take you down, as you ambush and attempt to steal from an armored transport carrying valuable rare-earth elements on the upper level of Queensboro Bridge.

As police threats aggravate the situation, you may be forced to use civilians as leverage. It raises the stakes and sends chills down the spine as you try to figure out a way out. Plus, it becomes more surreal than other heists on this list. So long as you bring out the big guns and come ready to fight, you should be good to go.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our ranking of all the heists in Payday 3? Which heist stands out to you the most? Let us know over on our socials here

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