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Adrian Krion, CEO and Co-founder of Spielworks – Interview Series



Adrian Krion, is the CEO and Co-founder of Spielworks, a leading blockchain gaming startup, that has recently announced the launch of its Womplay gaming-rewards platform, enabling gamers to simply play games and earn rewards, paid out to the users' Wombat wallet account. This is available not only on blockchain games but also for some of today’s most popular mobile and web browser games, including Forge of Empires, Hero Zero, Empire: Four Kingdoms, and Conflict of Nations. The Wombat wallet has attracted more than 250,000 registered users in over 160 countries, becoming the biggest creator of new accounts on EOS’s main net.

Spielworks emerged from CHAINWISE Group in 2020, could you share the genesis story of CHAINWISE Group and how it evolved into Spielworks?

We essentially founded CHAINWISE as a blockchain consulting company. Our goal was to view the blockchain landscape from the inside out to find patterns and promising industries for blockchain to hit mass-adoption. Gaming really stood out as a glaring use case, so we decided to make a bold move into the crossroads of blockchain and gaming so we could bring as much value to as many people as possible in an easy and fun way. We then launched Wombat, Chain Clash, and lately Womplay. At a certain point, we didn’t see the name CHAINWISE reflecting our principles anymore – we became a gaming company that happens to use blockchain, as opposed to a blockchain that happened to be in gaming.

Spielworks recently announced the launch of the Womplay gaming-rewards platform. Could you begin by summarizing what Womplay is?

Womplay is a gaming rewards platform that lets gamers earn crypto currency by playing games. It’s like a miles program for gamers, only that they get paid in fully exchangeable and liquid EOS tokens rather than any closed-system reward points.

We’re currently focusing on mobile games from which gamers can earn by reaching certain milestones, simple playtime, or competing in challenges.

Womplay is on the EOS blockchain, what are some of the reasons EOS was chosen over other popular blockchains such as Ethereum or Tezos?

EOS is offering us the possibility to transfer even tiny amounts of crypto currency to our users at almost no cost. This, combined with the relative maturity of both the technology and adoption has made EOS a really good choice for us – there are quite a few games utilizing the EOS blockchain itself, so Womplayers can use their EOS tokens in even more games. The EOS ecosystem is diverse enough so Womplayers can put their rewards to work for them, for example in the thriving DeFi space.

Rewards will be coming in the form of not only EOS tokens, but Wombucks as well. Could you describe what these Wombucks are?

Wombucks are a measure of the time Womplayers have spent and the progress they have made in games. They are designed to reflect the effort and dedication players put into the games they’re playing. Effectively, we want them to keep some part of their progress in any one game and be able to put that to good use in other games. Wombucks are a very first step in that direction.

Moving from there, we’re working on many more ways for Womplayers to earn and redeem their Wombucks – the first ones will launch early next year.

Could you describe the exact way that rewards can be earned?

The main way to earn EOS is through collecting Wombucks and redeeming them in the weekly Cashout Events. Wombucks can be earned by downloading and playing games and reaching specific milestones in the games, e.g. “Reach Iron Age in Forge of Empires to earn 15000 Wombucks”. On top of that, Womplayers receive Wombucks daily for simply spending time in the games.

Once a week, Womplay holds a Cashout Event for Womplayers to redeem their Wombucks for actual EOS. The EOS tokens will then be paid directly into the player’s EOS account and can be spent right away.

On top of that, Womplayers can participate in competitive challenges multiple times each week. We run leaderboards, e.g. for “most games won” or “fastest time to milestone”, and the winners receive EOS prizes.

What type of games will players be able to play?

We have an ever-growing selection of mobile games from some of the largest European mobile publishers, like Forge of Empires, Tasty Tale, or Hero Zero. We’re constantly working on getting a larger diversity of games onto Womplay so that Womplayers can always discover something new and fresh. We have no real preference for specific genres but try to offer as much of a variety as possible.

This is obviously going to begin driving some mainstream blockchain adoption, could you describe the best way for players who are not familiar with cryptocurrency to get started opening an EOS account?

You can do that directly through Womplay, at no cost. We want to make the entry into the blockchain space as smooth and easy as possible, which is why we offer a super simple EOS account creation funnel.

If anyone isn’t interested in Womplay, they can always check out our Wombat wallet app to get a free EOS account within 20 seconds to get started.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about Spielworks or Womplay?

We love feedback, especially from people unfamiliar with blockchain and crypto currencies! After all, we’re here to lower entry barriers so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of blockchain without having to study technical papers or worry about the safety of their assets.

We also enjoy giving game creators support and a platform, so if there’s anyone building a game and interested in trying blockchain, we encourage you to reach out to us via [email protected].

Thank you for the great interview, readers who wish to learn more should visit Womplay.

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