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5 Video Games Every History Buff Should Play

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5 Video Games Every History Buff Should Play

Who said video games are not educational? If you’re like me and didn’t do well in history, then you can learn something from these iconic history games. For history buffs, games such as Assassin’s Creed or Age of Empires may be at the top of your list, but there are more games with precise and alternate history lines. Here are our picks for the top five video games every history buff should play.


5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Official Final Trailer

Dive into the center of the action and explore the Holy Roman Empire in Warhorse Studios Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The role-playing game uses a first-person perspective as the player traverses through the open-world medieval environment in an epic quest to avenge his parents’ death. The game is set in the 15th century in the Kingdom of Bohemia, where conflict ensues after a ruthless king, Sigismund, kidnaps his brother, Wenceslaus. The latter had sovereign rule over other territories in the Kingdom. Sigismund spreads terror over the entire kingdom with his despicable plan of conquering Wenceslaus’ borders. Amid the chaos, a swordsmith’s son, Henry, loses his parents to the king’s army and soon embarks on a revenge conquest. 

Players take the role of Henry, who joins the service to achieve his objective. The game allows you to customize your character’s appearance, right down to the set of skills they possess. Furthermore, you can choose to play as a thief, a warrior, a bard, or a combination thereof. The choices you make in the game are critical since they forge and affect relationships with the NPCs. With sharp-point graphics and excellent smooth play, Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes exploring 1400s Bohemia a worthwhile trip.


4. Fallout

Fallout 76 – Official Trailer

For historical enthusiasts, facts outweigh fiction, but wouldn’t it be exciting to reimagine a different scenario? Players dive into a wasteland similar to Mad Max’s desert in this apocalyptic role-playing series, Fallout. With a total of six video game titles in the Fallout franchise, the post-nuclear adventure is an exciting game for historians.

The game follows survivors of an apocalyptic event in Southern California. The first series follows the primary character, Vault Dweller,  who has to recover a chip from the desolate and windswept wasteland and return it to their underground shelter home. Some of Fallout’s title sequels follow the same character’s battle for survival in the ominous world. Others modify the gameplay but still place characters in a dystopian society, embarking on a quest for survival.

Fall Out gives you a glimpse of the historical action and decisions faced by citizens in a doom-filled nation. Scavenge the enormous and terrifying dunes, but be wary of the unexpected. 


3. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 - Official Story Trailer

The Crusader King franchise is a timeless historical masterpiece that keeps improving with every sequel. Set in the Middle Ages, players maneuver in this strategy game with the objective of growing their dynasty’s wealth. The player takes control of a king who has to make a series of decisions and significant actions in the historical storytelling series. At the start of the game, the ruler faces an untimely death, and the mantle is passed over to your character. Your objective is to use a series of tactics to help your family rise through the ranks. You can use noble acts of righteousness, invasions, or murder plots to gain control of other kingdoms. The aim is to maintain and improve your kingdom’s economic, religious, political, military, and familial status.

The more titles you hold, the higher you rise in rank. Consequently, losing your title will also lead to a damaging blow to your rank. A low rank means that your kingdom will be easily invaded and conquered. So put on your historical hearts and borrow a thing or two from legendary conquerors such as Cyrus the Great or Cleopatra. 


2. Dawn of Man

Dawn of Man Trailer

Travel back to the Charles Darwin area and lead a group of prehistoric settlers to civilization in this Madruga’s Works entree survival game. The role-playing game puts you in control of a tribe gradually transitioning from the Paleothilic era to the Iron Age. The city-building game puts your mind to the test while also allowing you to explore your creative side. Gather resources, craft tools, and learn new skills as you watch your tribespeople evolve.

The game’s surroundings also offer challenges where you must set up defense strategies to safeguard your tribe. You may not experience a nuclear or apocalyptic attack, but be wary of the ice-age animals that may wander into your clan. What’s more, you will experience natural disasters such as storms and blizzards, which you need to protect your people against. 

Aside from the satisfying experience of leading your tribe to civilization, the various challenges and difficult stages will supercharge your neurons. The game leans more towards fact than fiction, while leaving some room to get creative and showcase your planning skills.


1. Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Saga: TROY / Announce Trailer

Engage in glorious battles and explore Ancient Rome in Creative Game’s action-packed PC game, Total War Saga: Troy. The game is an installment in the Total War Saga series that leverages a player’s combat strategy skills. Lead your army to victory as a faction leader and embrace the uncertainties that face the Bronze Age. You may know what strategy to employ if you’ve read Homer’s epic book, The Iliad, or any Greek-themed books. 

Moreover, you get access to different player factions with intriguing storylines. For example, you can play as Achilles, who has to defend their title against Aegan’s champion. Alternatively, you can fight to win your father’s affection and inherit Troy by playing Hector. Each character has unique qualities to help you achieve your objectives, so choose wisely. 

Total War Saga: Troy’s historical perspective is unfathomable regardless of the player faction you choose. Furthermore, the interactive map is graphically detailed, allowing you to have an aerial view of the vast lands of Troy. If you’re not engaging in melee combat, you can explore the expansive territories and appreciate the geographical view that Creative Games meticulously created.

So, what’s your take?  Which other games do you think history enthusiasts will enjoy? Let us know on our socials here or in the comments below.


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