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5 Best Agatha Christie Games of All Time, Ranked



5 Best Agatha Christie Games of All Time, Ranked

Agatha Christie (the renowned Queen of Crime) has made a lasting impact on literature with her thrilling murder mysteries. Her famous characters and intricate plots have also inspired video games, allowing players to become beloved detectives and solve perplexing crimes. But which of these games is the best in the series? Don't worry, we've put together a list of the top five Agatha Christie games of all time. These games offer immersive storytelling and challenging puzzles, providing an engaging experience for fans of Christie's works and detective game enthusiasts alike.

5. Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases

Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The First Cases | Launch Trailer

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases is one of the exceptional games in the Agatha Christie series, launched in 2021. In this game, you play as a young and ambitious Hercule Poirot, solving captivating cases. The game combines immersive storytelling with engaging point-and-click gameplay. You investigate crime scenes, interview witnesses and suspects, and gather clues to solve the mysteries.

Furthermore, the game pays great attention to historical accuracy, capturing the Victorian era and Agatha Christie's writing style. With its beautiful graphics, atmospheric music, and clever puzzles, Hercule Poirot: The First Cases provides a fresh and thrilling experience for fans of the famous detective. It allows you to witness Poirot's development as a brilliant investigator, offering a unique perspective on the beloved character.

4. Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None PC Games

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None is a remarkable adaptation of Christie's popular novel, released in 2005. The game immerses players in a captivating and atmospheric world that faithfully captures the essence of the original story. It is set on a secluded island, in which players find themselves stranded with a group of strangers, each hiding their own dark secrets. As the game unfolds, tension mounts as each character meets a tragic fate, mirroring the events of the novel. The game's visuals are intricately designed, bringing the eerie island setting to life with great attention to detail. Players must explore the island, meticulously examine crime scenes, and gather clues to unravel the mystery behind the series of deaths.

What sets this game apart is its loyalty to Christie's narrative and the inclusion of multiple endings, which enhance replayability and heighten suspense. Throughout the game, a constant feeling of unease prevails, keeping players engaged and guessing until the final revelation. With its compelling storytelling, challenging puzzles, and meticulous attention to detail, Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None remains a standout installment in the Agatha Christie game series. It honors the enduring legacy of the novel and provides an immersive experience that will captivate both fans of Christie's work and newcomers to the mystery gaming genre.

3. Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

The ABC Murders Game - Trailer

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (released in 2016) secures the third spot on our list. The ABC Murders is an exciting game that puts players in the shoes of the brilliant detective Hercule Poirot, who must catch a cunning serial killer called ABC. The game combines a gripping story with challenging puzzles, keeping players hooked. As Poirot, players investigate crime scenes, question suspects, and gather evidence to understand the killer's mind. The game intensifies with each murder, and players need to use deductive reasoning and observation skills to decipher cryptic clues.

The game faithfully captures the essence of Christie's narrative, featuring well-developed characters and meticulously recreated 1930s settings. The voice acting and dialogue create an authentic and immersive experience, bringing Poirot's world to life. The puzzles require critical thinking and connecting the dots to progress in the investigation. Overall, The ABC Murders is a remarkable tribute to Agatha Christie's enduring legacy. Its compelling narrative and challenging gameplay make it a standout entry in the Agatha Christie game series. It is a must-play for both mystery and detective genre enthusiasts.

2. Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express PC Games

On the second spot, we have Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. Murder on the Orient Express (released in 2006) is a highly memorable adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous novel. The game takes players on a luxurious journey aboard the Orient Express, a lavish train traveling through Europe, where a perplexing murder occurs. As the renowned detective Hercule Poirot, players embark on a meticulous investigation, gathering clues and using deductive skills to unravel a complex web of secrets and deception.

What makes this game stand out is its meticulous attention to detail and faithful representation of Christie's narrative. The visuals wonderfully capture the elegance of the time, featuring exquisite train compartments, stylish attire, and immersive surroundings. The game's well-paced storytelling keeps players engaged, revealing each surprising twist and turn with finesse. Furthermore, Murder on the Orient Express delivers an immersive experience through its engaging gameplay mechanics. Players must interact with suspects, analyze evidence, and piece together the puzzle to identify the culprit. The challenging puzzles and thought-provoking deductions provide an extra layer of excitement, mirroring Poirot's renowned investigative prowess.

1. Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun

Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun PC Games Trailer -

Topping our list is the remarkable game Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun from 2007. It takes players to the beautiful Seadrift Island, where they dive into a world of mystery and deception. Playing Hercule Poirot, the famous detective, you must unravel a perplexing murder that takes place in a luxurious seaside resort. What makes Evil Under the Sun stand out from other Agatha Christie games is obviously its immersive gameplay. The stunning visuals bring Seadrift Island to life, captivating players with its picturesque landscapes and intricately designed locations. Each character is expertly portrayed, hiding secrets and motives, which challenges players to closely observe their every action.

The game captures Agatha Christie's storytelling style well. To win, players analyze evidence, interview suspects, and connect clues. Evil Under the Sun‘s story is engaging, with surprising twists and challenging puzzles. Players are hooked from the start, eager to uncover the truth behind the murder on Seadrift Island. It's like being in one of Agatha Christie's famous novels.

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