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10 Outrageous Things That Can Only Happen in Video Games

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One of the many reasons we love gaming is because it lets us submerge into a whole new world where no boundaries are established. Apart from, you know, the actual boundaries of the map. But apart from that, video games can serve up almost anything one's mind creates. Whether it be a simple thing that we wouldn't even think twice about doing in reality, or something completely bizarre that makes us question the logic altogether. Either way, we can't fault the creativity of some of these developers.

Video games are a fantastic way of escaping the daily hustle for a while and immersing into something bold. But it's these little quirks that somehow make a video game outrageous. And that's why we love them.


10. Wearing weapons like fashion accessories

Notice how characters always have spare room in their chests for things like RPG's?

I don't know about you, but the thought of waltzing around a police station wading a grenade launcher about doesn't quite seem right to me. It also seems rather odd that the officers in view of the deadly weapon would carry on as if nothing is even happening. Video games, of course, have often used this outrageous concept many times — and nobody really bats an eyelid.

I would put forward Grand Theft Auto as being the obvious franchise to overuse this, but it seems that most action games follow the same line. And that's okay. But even still, it seems crazy that one character could stroll through the high street clutching a flame thrower and nobody even looks twice. But hey — that's video games for you.


9. Running red lights for the sake of it

It seems almost pointless to even include traffic lights, doesn't it?

One thing almost every gamer is guilty of is speeding through red lights. In fact, I think you'd look even more menacing if you actually stopped and waited your turn. I can't say I've ever met anybody who has followed the highway code when releasing stress through a gaming session. And if they did, I'm sure they'd be doing it for an experiment.

It doesn't matter who we are or where our patience rests on the scale — we all drive like maniacs. Even when our destination is only two blocks away; we still swerve in and out of oncoming traffic and blitz through all sets of lights without any major reason. But hey — could you imagine swinging that in real-life? I don't think so.


8. Walking away from an explosion or a bullet

If only we were really as strong as some video game characters, eh?

The thing that makes us all laugh is the fact that any non-playable character can suffer major damage after taking a bullet. And yet, the protagonist can walk away and press on as if nothing hit them at all. Like an absolute bullet-sponge with no flesh to pierce whatsoever; video games create heroes as if they're descendants of The Terminator. Even when being central to a grenade explosion and a target to eighteen rounds of turret fire — we still walk away and continue our conversation as if to be the most oblivious humanoid on the planet.

I can't say I've ever taken a bullet, but I'd like to believe that when video games portray the impact, it is totally unlike what would happen in reality. But again — that's video game logic. You can't beat it.


7. Brushing off a high-speed car crash

It's as if they don't even notice it.

Rolling back to the madness of our driving skills; crashing is another thing we forgot to touch base on. Of course, being involved in a car crash at high-speed would involve serious consequences — and that's a given. However, video games have shown us that, despite the speed or the type of collision — they can't really hurt you. Instead, many games brush off car crashes and rarely show visible signs of damage to the vehicle. And, for passengers in the middle of a conversation during the impact, well — let's just say crashing is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to them.

Few games have really gone into depth over car crashes in video games, and many tend to stick to the dodgem theory. We can bounce around and hit objects like they're elastic, because in video games — it makes little difference to the character or experience.


6. Losing the enemy by changing clothes

Video games have shown that by rolling up your sleeves — you can evade capture.

One of the absolutely ludicrous ideas that still shocks many of us today is how characters can pull the wool over the pursuers eyes by putting on a jacket. That seems totally outrageous in itself and still baffles me as to how it makes any form of sense. But hey, we can't fault video game logic — especially when struggling to lose that six-star wanted level.

Time and time again we have been embarking on the chase of a lifetime from aggressive gunmen, only to end up circling the city in a desperate attempt of escaping. But somehow, with the magic of a new set of clothes, we are able to divert the eyes of the enemy elsewhere and walk out of the door supposedly looking like a whole other person. That's amazing. I mean, totally ridiculous — but amazing.


5. Having the lung capacity of a fish

If only we could really breathe underwater for an hour straight.

Even the strongest swimmers who often compete struggle to keep up with some of our video game protagonists. Of course, we'd all love to have gills and breathe underwater, but some things just really aren't meant to be. But, for video games, having the lungs of a whale is sort of binding to the character. Even characters who can't swim seem to be able to survive underwater longer than an Olympic diver.

For all those deepsea exploration missions, we can't help but question the reasoning behind the odd amount of oxygen in the heroes lungs. After an hour, however, we just assume that their not human — and we're ridiculous for even thinking we could dare match it.


4. Surviving an incredibly long fall

When our only response to the confused friend is “just because”.

If you've played a game that contains an impressive skyscape with phenomenal views, then chances are the first thing you did was lunge off of it. I mean, that's sort of in our nature: to experiment and see how far we can fall before clipping the edge of a mountain. It's strange — but worryingly true. We do these things for the sake of it, and we can't really explain why or when we'll do it.

Video games have gotten a little stricter (or more realistic) these days when it comes to freefalling. Unlike the old days where you could drop ten-thousand feet and end it with a roll, things have become slightly more accurate. Now, you'll likely only be able to survive nine-thousand feet — and then end it with a roll. In reality, you'd be lucky to manage five without breaking an ankle.


3. Making a fortune from scrap

Please don't try and sell your half-eaten bag of chips.

I don't know about your last trip to the pawnshop, but when I tried to profit from a frying pan — I was laughed out the door. But if I were a video game character, then I'd have made a months worth of rent. I'd also be able to sell all of the useless bits and bobs from my journey and somehow end up running the cashier dry. But, sadly, that isn't the case in reality. In fact, some of the things we'd get away with selling in video games just wouldn't land in day to day life. Like a hairpin.

Smashing a button and ransacking a business or somebody's home is sort of like second nature in gaming. We continue to lift until we become encumbered and incapable of carrying any more bread. Only then, when we can't go any further, do we take our goods to the nearest store. We fork it all over and make a profit, and then we press on in search of more. But if that was physically doable in real life — then we'd all be millionaires.


2. Eating to replenish health

There's no cure greater than a good old fashioned slab of meat.

A lot of games struggle to find new ways of healing the character these days. Sure, we've had bucketloads of medi-packs, syringes and bandages — but nothing quite hits the spot like a chocolate bar…or a chicken wing. That's when we know things have gotten out of hand. Whether you're in the middle of warfare or hidden in the shadows of a top-secret research facility; food often plays the biggest part in keeping on top of your health bar. And, you know what? I have never heard anything more outrageous in all my life.

Video games truly are a thing of beauty, and they manage to make us smile even at the darkest of times. But eating a loaf of bread to soak up a rocket crater in your forehead just reaches new levels. That's what truly brings a tear to our eyes as we face death a millionth time on the last leg of a quest. Oh, how we love it.


1. Finding the strangest things in the most laughable places

We'd be lost without the several pockets of ammo conveniently spotted around.

Okay, so picture this: you're submerging into an underwater temple that hasn't been touched in centuries. You enter through an old stone door and you light up the darkness of the abnormal cave. But then, as you hear the thundering footsteps loiter from an ancient creature, you look to your right. But wait — what is it? Oh, nevermind — it's only a machine gun upgrade.

It seems absurd, but we really have found some odd things on our journeys. There's usually candles lit in every old ruin, despite the fact that nobody has stepped foot in them in hundreds of years. Plus, there's always ammunition conveniently placed around — even though the settlement is from the Ancient Greek period. But hey, that's normal in video games, right? Nothing is out of place. Like, ever.


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