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If you ever wanted to know what it's like to manage a tea shop, especially one nestled in a magical forest, Wanderstop is set to be your perfect escape. This upcoming game promises to immerse players in a serene yet mysterious world where they take on the role of Alta, a fallen fighter turned reluctant tea shop manager. From the mind behind The Stanley Parable, this new game blends narrative depth with the cozy simplicity of running a tea shop. But Wanderstop is more than just a management game—it's a story about change, acceptance, and finding peace in unexpected places.

How does a fierce warrior adapt to a quiet life of tea-making? What secrets does this mystical forest hide? Can the soothing rituals of brewing and serving tea help our protagonist, come to terms with her new reality? These questions make this game a highly anticipated title. Here’s everything we know so far about Wanderstop.

What is Wanderstop?

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Wanderstop is described as “a narrative-centric cozy game about change and tea.” The game is set within a magical forest. It centers around a fallen fighter named Alta who finds herself managing a tea shop. This unique blend of storytelling and peaceful tea preparation aims to offer a distinct experience, focusing on personal growth and introspection. The tea shop, nestled in this enchanted setting, serves as a place of solace and reflection. Through the daily routines of running the shop and engaging with visitors, players will explore themes of change and adaptation.

Furthermore, the core game will involve growing and harvesting ingredients for tea, utilising an intricate tea-making process. This process will encourage players to deeply engage with the environment and the characters who visit the shop. Travelers passing through the tea shop, each with their own stories and tea preferences. Thus, the ritual of tea preparation acts as a backdrop for deeper narrative exploration, where the crafting of each cup ties into the broader themes of the game.

Moreover, Wanderstop emphasises a slower pace, inviting players to take their time and savor the quiet moments. The game's environment reflects this philosophy, with a detailed and enchanting forest that serves as both a haven and a place of discovery. Players will be able to personalise their tea shop, creating a space that feels uniquely theirs while also learning about the world around them.


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The complete story of Wanderstop is yet to be revealed, but from what developers have shared, it centers on Alta, a famous fighter who now finds herself running a tea shop in a magical forest. This big change from battling enemies to brewing tea forms the heart of the game's story. Alta doesn't want to be there, and she struggles with her new life. She must brew tea, tend the garden, and talk to the travelers who visit the shop.

As Alta adapts to her new role, the tea shop becomes a place of rest for travelers, all bringing their own stories and problems. Through these encounters, players will explore themes of change, identity, and acceptance. Alta's journey is about transforming from a warrior to someone who can find peace in simple, daily tasks. This touching story invites players to think about their own lives, and makes Wanderstop a game full of emotional depth and personal reflection.


A person with a cup stands in a cosy room

Wanderstop's gameplay promises a unique blend of narrative and cozy management from a third-person perspective. This sets it apart from typical simulation games. While detailed gameplay is yet to be revealed, the developers have shared exciting insights. At its core, the game is a narrative-centric, cosy game about change and tea. Players step into the shoes of Alta, a fallen fighter turned reluctant tea shop manager. As Alta, you will manage a quaint tea shop in a magical forest, serving a diverse array of travelers.

Each day, you will grow and harvest ingredients for tea. This ritual is both methodical and meditative. The tea-making process involves mixing these ingredients in an unusual contraption to create the perfect brew for every customer. In addition to managing the tea shop, players can personalize and decorate the shop and its surroundings. The game also encourages moments of introspection. You can sit on a bench, sip tea, and listen to the ambient sounds of the forest.

However, Alta’s journey is not just about tea and tranquility. The gameplay is deeply intertwined with her internal conflict as she struggles with her new role. Alta’s resistance to becoming a tea shopkeeper is palpable, and this tension adds emotional depth to the game. She is a fighter by nature, and the gameplay reflects her struggle to reconcile her past with her present. The shop demands patience and a gentle touch, traits that are foreign to Alta. Overall, this creates a dynamic and compelling gameplay experience that explores themes of change and self-discovery.


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Wanderstop is being developed by Ivy Road and published by Annapurna Interactive. The team includes Davey Wreden (creator of The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide), Karla Zimonja (co-creator of Gone Home and Tacoma), and Daniel Rosenfeld (composer for Minecraft). While certain elements of the game will remain a mystery for now, the team promises to reveal more details as development progresses.


WANDERSTOP | Reveal Trailer

The reveal trailer introduces us to the world of Wanderstop and our main character, Alta. We see Alta managing the tea shop, blending peace with moments of self-reflection. By the end of the trailer, Alta questions if she is truly happy with her new life. You can watch the trailer in the video embedded above!

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Alta stands in a colorful garden ready to plant seeds

Wanderstop will launch in 2024 on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. However, an exact release date for the game has not been announced. While there are no details about special editions yet, the standard edition promises a captivating journey into Alta's world. Stay tuned for more updates. For the latest news and insights, follow the official social media accounts of the developers here.

So, are you excited to explore Alta's journey in Wanderstop? What aspect of the game are you most looking forward to? Let us know on our socials here!

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