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Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Death Stranding for Free



Death Stranding for free
Right now you can get Death Stranding for free from the Epic Games Store from May 18-25.

The first game up for grabs as part of the Epic Games Store mystery game promotion is none other than Hideo Kojima's critically acclaimed Death Stranding. That's right, the hit AAA title that's due for a sequel is up for grabs for gamers completely free of charge, until May 25th.

If you're uninformed, Epic Games have just kicked off their “mystery game promotion”, starting May 18, where they release a new game, free of charge, every single week. Typically, lower-shelf indie games or middle-of-the-pack AAA titles would be included in this offer. That's why it comes as a surprise Epic Games drew the curtains on this promotion in a huge way by giving gamers Death Stranding for free. Which is yours to keep, so long you download it before May 25.

What To Expect Next?

Considering Epic Games kicked off their promotion by dropping Death Stranding for free, it's hard to say what's to come next. We don't want to get greedy and ask for another game of this par since that would most likely be asking too much. However, you never know. Typically Epic Games will drop hints or spoilers into what free game is going to drop next, but as of now we have no tell.

Either way, be sure to grab Death Stranding for free before May 25 while you can. As that's a AAA title that's yours to keep for free, and these offers don't come by often. Also, keep an eye out next Thursday to discover what new game is available for free. In any case, stay tuned because we'll keep you updated on if it's worth grabbing.

So, what's your take? Will you be getting Death Stranding for free while you can? What do you think Epic Games' next mystery game will be? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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