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Dark Souls Gets a New Fan-Made Book Compilation



Dark Souls is one of the most coveted video game franchises of this decade. It is famous for its extremely difficult playing style and ambiguous but compelling narrative.

Publisher Tune & Fairweather are set to release Abyssal Archive, a two-series book, which delves into the lore of Dark Souls. The official release is marked for early 2023.

The announcement of the book series marks the 10th anniversary of Dark Souls. The publisher has claimed the compilation to be “the most comprehensive analysis of the game’s mythos ever undertaken. Presented in the most lavish collector's edition we have assembled to date.” 

The enigmatic world of Dark Souls has sprouted a number of YouTube channels and websites, solely dedicated to figuring out the game’s unexplored mysteries. Self-proclaimed archivist Lokey has contributed his in-depth knowledge and years of research to this book as per several reports

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The pitch of Tune & Fairweather as reported by Kotaku reads, “Abyssal Archive is the culmination of years of determined research and writing by veteran Souls scholar Lokey, who combined his understanding of Japanese and deep familiarity with Miyazaki’s oeuvre to mine unique insights from Dark Souls’ source material. All of that learning has been distilled in these two hardcover volumes for fans interested in deepening their understanding of Lordran’s tumultuous history as well as its characters’ exploits and tangled relationships.”

The book series contains a detailed map of Lordan and will probably serve as a good reference to the complex world created by Miyazaki. The detailed artwork has been designed by Judson Cowan, with the illustrations being done by Juan Acosta. 

The pictures of the maps show detailed geography comprising Firelink Shrine, Darkroot Garden, Queelag's Domain, and more.

 The standard edition costs $180, with the Limited and Benefactor editions going up to $250 and $500, respectively. The series is available for pre-order until August 14. 


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