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5 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5 (May 2023)



Horror games as a genre have been doing exceptionally well on the PlayStation 5. Through the intense graphical fidelity made possible by the console, many horror games take advantage of this power to significant effect. While these games may differ in the type of horror experience, they bring players. They are still phenomenal. So we will show some love to quite a few horror titles today. That said, enjoy the 5 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5 (May 2023)

5. Outlast 2

Outlast changed the face of horror gaming with its 2013 debut.

Starting off our list today, we have an entry that makes a great introduction to the horror genre. Outlast 2 combines many elements of survival horror with psychological horror. This makes for a winning combination, as a lot of the time, as players traverse through this dark world, they will need to fight to survive. However, the game messes with the player at certain points using sound effects and other useful tactics to make this a nail-biting experience.

Players will have to run and hide to the best of their ability. They are able to do this by hiding in various locations throughout the game. This adds to the tension of the game, as there isn't much you can do combat-wise to solve the situations you are in. This definitely feeds into eh psychological horror aspects of the game, as you are simply awaiting something to happen. So if you are someone who enjoys a ton of scares within their horror games, this is a great pick for you. It is for these reasons we choose Outlast 2 as one of the best horror games for PlayStation 5 in 2023.

4. Little Nightmares 2

horror games little nightmares 2

Switching things up quite a bit, we have Little Nightmares 2. Now while Little Nightmares 2 may not have the realistic graphical style of Outlast. It most certainly makes up for this difference by using a distinct art style. Players can instantly recognize this title through screenshots alone, which is great for the recognition of the game. Much like games such as Limbo and Inside, players will have to traverse through levels without being able to engage in combat. This gives the player a trapped feeling right away that grips the player throughout their playtime.

Players will have to use their puzzle-solving skills in order to make it through this game. This is no small feat either, as players must do all of this while evading an undefeatable enemy. Another aspect of this game that absolutely shines is its atmosphere and ambiance. Both of these elements make the game feel very dark and gloomy, almost depressing. This makes it a great setting for this horror title. So if you haven't, make sure you check out Little Nightmares 2, as it is one of the most fantastic horror games on PlayStation 5 in 2023.

3. Dead Island 2Dead Island 2 First Week Sales

For our next entry, we have a title that was long-awaited by fans. While the development of Dead Island 2 proved to be a more arduous task than expected, the results were well worth it. The game has a fantastic sense of graphical fidelity, which is used to apply various gore effects to its many infected types. Added to this is the variety within these enemy types. Yet perhaps the most impressive element of Dead Island 2 is its sandbox approach to combat. This makes the moment-to-moment gameplay feel absolutely phenomenal.

If players are looking for a game that perfectly captures the feeling of older zombie titles such as Left 4 Dead and, of course, the original Dead Island, this is a must-play through its simple yet adaptive mechanics, as well as a pretty tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Dead Island 2 manages to cement itself within the modern era of gaming while maintaining faithfully to its roots. And while sometimes this may come off as dated. This is a game that horror game fans must check out.

2. Dead Spacebest weapons and upgrades

For our next entry, we have a long-awaited remake of a horror classic. For those players who didn't have the chance to experience Dead Space in its heyday, this remake is a godsend. Players will now be able to experience the horror title which shook up the genre when it was initially released. This is great, as it allows the game to be recognized for the innovative title it was back then. Players will be able to go throughout the game, attempting to survive with a ton of different Necromorphs to contend with.

This design decision affects many things, such as the game's combat and enemy weaknesses. Players must be able to pick up on the enemies' weaknesses which gives the game a surprising sense of depth to its combat. There is also an emphasis on the game's gore mechanics. This was a huge selling point of the original game, which is only enhanced through modern technology. So if you haven't tried it before or are a returning fan, Dead Space is a great title to check out.

1. Resident Evil 4

For our final entry, we have a game that took everyone by surprise and blew them away. Resident Evil 4 was already a landmark title when it was initially released. However, this remake only serves to cement its legacy further. The gameplay for this classic game has been remade wonderfully, and not only that, it has been improved as well. There are many aspects of the game which have been altered or brought up to modern standards. These include things such as the storylines for the game, as well as many of the gameplay elements within the game. This makes for an overall more polished and coherent experience for the player to enjoy.

Now while it may first appear like simply a fresh coat of paint, there is much more going on here. The gameplay mechanics being reworked means players will now have a more smooth and more responsive experience compared to what was available initially. Another beloved added feature was the addition of a crafting system. This simply fits the game so well and improves the player's survivability overall. So if you are looking to play one of the best horror games ever released, make sure you check out Resident Evil 4 for PlayStation 5 in 2023.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5 (May 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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