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PUBG: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has undoubtedly cemented its position as one of the most exhilarating and addictive battle royale games in recent gaming history. It drops players on a remote island with one goal: to be the last one standing. The game keeps you on the edge of your seat as the play area shrinks, making every match thrilling. But for beginners, PUBG can feel overwhelming. Experienced players and quick decisions can be tough to keep up with. Don't worry, though! we'll share five best tips for beginners to help not only survive but also thrive in PUBG. These tips will make it easier for you to learn, improve your skills, and hopefully, get those chicken dinners!

5. Choose Your Drop Location Wisely

PUBG Best Tips

As a new player in PUBG, where you land on the map is super important. The place you choose can make a big difference in your early-game experience and how well-prepared you are for the upcoming battles. Stay away from crowded spots like Pochinki or School, even though they have lots of loot. These places attract many players and can be risky for beginners. Instead, go for quieter areas, away from the plane's path, where you can loot safely and get used to the game mechanics without too many enemies around.

Try to find small clusters of buildings or remote spots that still offer decent loot but aren't crowded. This way, you can ease into the game, loot efficiently, and improve your skills without feeling overwhelmed. Drop near interesting places like smaller towns or landmarks where you can find enough loot without facing too many opponents. As you get more confident, you can explore busier areas, but for now, focus on learning the basics, looting safely, and getting used to the game. So, picking the right drop location is a key step to becoming a better PUBG player.

4. Master Map Awareness and Zone Tactics

Mastering map awareness and zone tactics is one of the best tips for beginners in PUBG. It means knowing the battleground map well and understanding how the play area shrinks over time. First, learn the map layout, like important places and where to find loot. This helps you pick a smart place to start, whether it's a quieter spot or a high-loot area if you're feeling confident.

Zone tactics are crucial because the blue zone can be dangerous if you're caught outside of it. Keep an eye on the timer and the map to see where the safe zone is and where it's shrinking. It's best to be in the middle of the safe zone to reduce the distance you have to travel and stay away from the dangerous edges. As a beginner, remember to adapt your tactics as the game progresses. In the early stages, you have more time to loot and prepare. Also, using vehicles can be helpful for covering long distances quickly.

3. Improve Movement and Positioning Skills

PUBG Beginner Tips

Improving your movement and positioning skills is one of the best tips for beginners in PUBG. It's the key to survival and success in the battlegrounds. First, avoid running openly in the game, as it makes you an easy target for opponents. Instead, use trees, rocks, buildings, and hills to stay hidden and reduce the chance of being spotted. Move cautiously and quietly to increase your chances of staying alive until the end of the game. Additionally, be careful not to get caught outside the safe area, as it will hurt you over time. Knowing the map and understanding where to go will help you make better decisions and survive longer.

During fights with other players, pay attention to your positioning. Find a good cover, peek from behind it, and try to surprise your opponents. Don't make predictable movements, and keep a safe distance while shooting. By practicing and improving your movement and positioning skills, you'll become better at navigating the battlegrounds. It will give you an advantage over your enemies, and increase your chances of winning the game. Overall, it is one of the essential tips for PUBG beginners.

2. Use Headphones for a Tactical Advantage

In PUBG, using headphones can give beginners a huge advantage. With good headphones, you can hear everything happening around you in the game. You'll hear footsteps, gunshots, and other important sounds with clarity. This helps you know where enemies are and plan your moves better, making it easier to survive and win.

Headphones also let you be more aware of dangers and ambushes. You can hear if enemies are getting close or if there's a fight happening nearby. This information helps you stay safe and avoid getting caught off guard. When playing with a team, headphones help you communicate better, making it easier to work together and win as a team. So, if you're just starting in PUBG, grab a good pair of headphones. You'll be amazed at how much it improves your game. You'll get to hear things you never noticed before and have a tactical advantage over other players.

1. Prioritize Survival over Kills

Last but most importantly, one of the best tips for beginners in PUBG is to focus on staying alive rather than chasing kills. It's tempting to jump into battles and hunt for kills, but survival should be your main goal in this game. Always keep in mind that you have only one life per match (excluding the one revival life, which is also time-limited). Therefore, it's crucial to make every moment count by staying in the game for as long as possible. This will significantly boost your chances of securing a victory. If you're not well-prepared or at a disadvantage, it's better to retreat and find a better position.

Also, focusing on survival helps you manage your resources wisely. If you engage in too many battles, you might use up your health and healing items quickly. By being careful and avoiding unnecessary fights, you can save these resources for when you really need them. Always remember, being the last player or team standing is the ultimate goal in PUBG. Play patiently, be cautious, and make smart decisions to improve your chances of winning.

So, what do you think of these best PUBG tips for beginners? Did they help you understand the game better? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here!


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