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Xbox Spotlight Deals: Friday the 13th



Lately, we’ve been scouring the deepest parts of the Xbox and PlayStation stores in search of a few bargain buys. Of course, we’ve been gifted with hundreds of classics since the fall of the January sales — but those days have drawn to a close, and we’re now left to dig a little deeper. However, this week we’ve been able to pluck out a few worthy games that provide a lot of bang for a few small bucks. Try $4, to be more specific.

Whether you’re a survival horror fanatic or just an online gamer looking for a quickfire match with other players around the globe — this week’s deal seems to be a rather fine choice. Friday the 13th, in case you missed it on your latest prowl of the marketplace, is available for just $4 (or £3.12 for the UK squad). That’s effectively 75% off of its original price tag, just so you’re aware!

Friday the 13th: The Game - Official Announcement Trailer

What is Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th became one of the most anticipated horror games of 2017 after crowds flocked to the Kickstarter project. Since then, millions have sunken into the ambitious video game adaptation of the iconic film franchise. Whether it’s to simply bask amongst the renowned Camp Crystal Lake, or to take the reigns of Jason Voorhees himself; Friday the 13th lets players live out the ultimate role-playing horror fantasy.

As one of seven unfortunate players within the camp, it is up to you to survive the eerie night with the serial-killer knocking at your door. Lay our traps, sprint to each death-defying objective, or just tuck yourself away in a bush until you’re the last one standing. Whatever you choose to do — be prepared for the longest night of your life.

You can pick up Friday the 13th on the Microsoft Store now for $4 on Xbox One and Series X/S.

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