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Xbox Series X Mini Fridges Are Back on Sale



Before the KFConsole, there was the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. And no, that wasn't a dream, nor was it a meme.

In an unusual turn of events, the Xbox Series X mini fridge has made a striking return to markets, though it's unclear whether or not they'll be around long enough for you to get your hands on one.

After winning the Twitter poll against Skittles last April, Xbox followed up with their promise by putting the quirky cooler into production. Although it was initially believed to be nothing more than a running meme, the gaming giant did come up trumps, which led to the product becoming available to purchase. However, its time on the shelves was somewhat short-lived.

The good news is, Xbox has brought it back. As of this moment, you can pre-order one for $99.99 at Best Buy. You can also pick one up through eBay and other auction sites, though some of them may set you back by $160 or so.

What exactly is the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge?

Included in the Xbox Series X model fridge is two removable shelves and two door shelves, along with the iconic Xbox logo on the exterior. When on, the logo lights up in its signature white. The fridge is said to hold up to 12 soda cans, along with a bunch of snacks in its door shelves.

Of course, it's a pretty nifty bit of kit, and relatively cheap too. But that begs the question: just how long will it be around for before stocks run dry? Only time will tell on that one. Whatever the case, you can just about get your hands on one today if you're lucky.

So, what's your take? Will you be pre-ordering an Xbox Series X mini fridge anytime soon? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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