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Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Now: Which Subscription Should You Go For?



As the two gaming giants thrash it out over which subscription plan is the best value for money, players of the world are twiddling thumbs over the burning question that idles in the back of their heads: which service is the one to beat — and where should our pennies take up residence?

While it's understandable that any gamer would want what's best for their money, there is a lot more to take into account than the video game libraries alone. Sure, the playable titles are the bulk of both services — but there is a lot more to consider before submitting to one in particular.

While the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now libraries are both packed out with incredible games, we do have to take into account every factor that stands between the two rivals. With that, PlayStation Now does boast 100+ titles, with many of them being available to download to your console, as well as a large portion of them being triple-A exclusives. Game Pass, on the other hand, accommodates a whopping 300. And so, from figures alone, it's clear that Game Pass gives you plenty more bang for your buck. But as we mentioned — there's far more to it than numbers alone. Take the sub-domains, for example.


Having friends in high places can truly sway potential pockets, so it seems…

When it comes to additional libraries being sewn into the base catalogue — Xbox Game Pass clearly has the resources to accommodate. Thanks to EA Play being a part of the Game Pass subscription, many triple-A games have found homes amongst the service. Plus, with Bethesda being thrown into the mix as of last month, the Game Pass library has only continued to branch out to even greater heights. Unfortunately for Sony, however, PlayStation Now hasn't quite forged the same number of connections yet, and, is still very much considered a lone wolf with sky-high ambitions. And so, from that, the Game Pass definitely marches ahead.

Of course, as with any subscription plan — money is a major part of the deal. With that said, as much as we'd usually shy away when having to fork out the cash — both Game Pass and PlayStation Now are surprisingly cheap to invest in. With both services sitting at $9.99 a month, it's unlikely that you'll go breaking the bank at any stage at all. And it's because of the generously low prices that we'd even go as far as saying that Game Pass Ultimate is definitely the better value for money, being a mere few dollars extra.

EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - Official Trailer

Is Game Pass Ultimate worth it?

As an all-round package that not only includes access to the enormous library of games but also EA Play and other perks such as Xbox Live Gold (which also gives out freebies twice a month), the obvious choice here would be the Microsoft plan. But then, let us not forget that PlayStation Now also hosts some of the biggest exclusive games ever to cross the Sony market — making that poxy ten dollar price tag nothing more than a trivial expense.

Overall, it seems that Game Pass definitely drives our pockets with its impressive catalogue of games, perks, freebies and deals. Of course, that isn't to say that PlayStation Now isn't a fantastic platform to shovel up — because it does hold some incredibly redeeming qualities. As it stands, however, we're putting Game Pass Ultimate forward for being the best value for money overall. But that's something we'll let you ponder over. We've given you our two cents. Here's hoping you sway towards the platform that ticks your boxes — however many that may be.

You can pick up your subscription to both Game Pass and PlayStation Now for $9.99 a month.

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