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Xbox Game Pass’ October Line-Up Is Unskippable



Best story-driven games

If there was ever a time to punch in to the Xbox Game Pass craze, it'd be this October. Why? Because Microsoft is just about ready to roll out the big guns.

Xbox Game Pass isn't exactly short on day-one exclusives, nor is it short on great indies and RPGs, either, which makes it one of the best subscription-based platforms in gaming, period. The fact that October will help fortify its position on the podium by adding a slew of triple-A games will, of course, convince potential buyers to cave in and no doubt purchase a subscription. Question is, what games are actually releasing this month?

Heading the October line-up is A Plague Tale: Requiem, a day-one exclusive that will no doubt garner the vast majority of subscribers' eyes on October 18th. And not just this, but Scorn, a story-driven biopunk thriller, and Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 2, an award-winning episodic adventure, will also be making way for the platform over the coming weeks. And as luck would have it, these are but three of the nine titles that are expected to roll out to Game Pass over the next four weeks.

a plague tale requiem

What Games Are Coming to Game Pass?

So, what else can you download on Xbox Game Pass this October? Well, here's everything that has been announced by Microsoft thus far. You can keep tabs on any new additions to the library by following the official social handle here.

  • Chivalry 2 (Cloud, Console & PC) – Available Now
  • Medieval Dynasty (Xbox Series X|S) – October 6
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (PC) – October 6
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two (PC) – October 6
  • Costume Quest (Cloud & Console) – October 11
  • Eville (Console & PC) – October 11
  • Dyson Sphere Program (PC) – October 13
  • Scorn (Cloud, PC & Xbox Series X|S) – October 14
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem (Cloud, PC & Xbox Series X|S) – October 18

So, what's your take? Will you be renewing your Game Pass subscription this October? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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