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Xbox Game Pass: 5 Games You Should Play Before They’re Gone



Xbox Game Pass has bolstered itself with many quality titles since its inception. That being said, games do not last within the subscription-based service forever. Therefore, players need to experience these titles while they can. No matter what game genre you tend to enjoy, Xbox Game Pass has you covered. The subscription-based service allows players to enjoy many titles for one low price. Here are our picks for Xbox Game Pass: 5 games you should play before they're gone.

5. Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is a game that gripped the horror genre when it was released. However, tasking the player with maneuvering through an abandoned ship while a Xenomorph runs around listening to your every move can be downright nerve-racking. Players can also not engage in direct combat with the titular Alien. Otherwise, it is game over. This results in the player having to return to a quickly saved location. One aspect of the game that makes it all the more heart-pounding is that the Alien learns the player's tendencies.

This intelligence can be seen in how the creature moves and predicts where the player hides. Naturally, this makes for a more tense experience as players are always kept on their toes by their fearsome foe. That isn't to say that players are entirely defenseless, however. Fire is incredibly effective in deterring the Alien and should be used to escape a sticky situation when available. Additionally, players can use a flamethrower to partially halt the monster, although players should note that this does not damage the creature. Altogether Alien Isolation is one of the most atmospheric horror games we have received in quite some time and should be enjoyed on Xbox Game Pass.

4. Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! It is a fantastic remake of the classic game that has been beautifully remade for current consoles. The game features the foul-mouthed Furon Crypto. Who has been tasked with retrieving one of his Furon brethren from a UFO crash in Roswell. Alongside the relatively restrained scientist Pox, Krypto seeks to find out more about the planet Earth by gathering the bits of Furon DNA present in humans. Along the way, players can use their own UFO to cause great mayhem across the game world, with many environments fully destructible.

The game is full of witty banter between Pox and Krypto and a hilarious satire on the culture of 1950s America. It is just a wonderful experience to go through this world. As well as experiment with the various technologies available to the player, whether using your telekinesis powers to cause great havoc or using any weaponry at your disposal to dispose of pesky humans. Altogether, Destroy All Humans! It is a game that has been lovingly recreated for the current generation of gamers to enjoy.


DOOM is a love letter to fans of the series. Being painstakingly made for fans of the FPS titan, DOOM certainly does not disappoint. DOOM delivers, whether it is the blood-pumping soundtrack players enjoy or the stellar smooth gameplay. The gameplay of this game is exhilarating as you slaughter foe after foe in rapid succession. This gameplay loop encapsulates what is so fantastic about the game and why people often return to it. It is easy to see why once you get your hands on the smooth shooting mechanics of the game and feel just how well-polished they are.

Another aspect of the game that has garnered a tremendous amount of attention is the soundtrack. Nothing gets the blood pumping more than a thrashing soundtrack in which to slaughter demonic forces. The game is a soft reboot of the franchise that has led to a sequel called Doom Eternal. While the gameplay loop might be simple, it is also incredibly addicting for those who enjoy its fast and furious gameplay.   All in all, DOOM is a game that all players should enjoy before it inevitably leaves Xbox Game Pass for good.

2. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a fantastic entry in the Far Cry series. The game features one of the series's most iconic and nuanced villains, Joseph Seed. The cult leader and his “family” are responsible for causing much mayhem within Montana. Players find themselves trying to take down this religious cult in this wonderfully sprawling woodland. Players will enlist the help of a few strangers with particular skills to help them along their way. The game's world is so massive that players can spend hours traversing it if they choose to.

In conclusion, Far Cry 5 features one of the best villains in the series and solid gameplay that does not grow stagnant even after hours of playing. This playability lends itself well to players wanting to complete every game aspect. Doing so is incredibly rewarding as the world that Ubisoft has created feels very lived in and real. So players itching for a new game to explore do not need to look any further than this title before it leaves Xbox Game Pass.

1. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition features a ton of content for players to enjoy. If gamers have not yet experienced the Gears of War franchise, there has never been a better time than now. The collection features the iconic first entry in the series, painstakingly remastered for the current generation of consoles. The game follows soldier Marcus Phoenix and his ragtag group of friends as they fight against the Locust horde.

While the game may show its age in places, the storytelling and gameplay are as solid as ever. Players would be remiss to skip out on this title in their collections. Full of heart-thumping action and plenty of enemies to fight, Gears of War: Ultimate edition is the definitive way to enjoy the first entry in the Gears of War series. While many players will argue the genre has moved past this title, it is excellent to look back at how far we have come in gaming and what we have gained and lost along the way. That said, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a fantastic addition to any player's library and should be picked up before it's gone for good.


So, what's your take on our picks for Xbox Game Pass: 5 games you should play before they're gone? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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