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Xbox Cloud Gaming to Support Keyboard and Mouse Soon



xbox cloud gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming might be as mainstream as Xbox One, but it still enjoys a dedicated player base. Over the years, Xbox Cloud Gaming has undergone several changes, and it looks like it might evolve into a great digital gaming solution.

Xbox Cloud, formerly Project xCloud, is a cloud gaming system that allows users to access their Xbox games via streaming from Xbox, PC, and mobiles. However, the issue here was the lack of mouse and keyboard support. A lot of the users are used to playing with controllers, meanwhile, PC gamers and a few others don’t find that very comfortable. 

For the latter, it is good news that the keyboard and mouse feature in the Xbox Cloud Gaming is in the works. Morgan Brown, a software engineer at the Xbox, had officially communicated the announcement. During one of the Q&A sessions of the XFest 2022, Brown revealed that mouse and keyboard support is in the works.

In a video explaining latency and optimization, Morgan Brown has revealed that Xbox will support mouse and keyboard. 

“So, not everyone knows, Xbox has supported keyboard and Mouse, for a few years now. And we are working on adding it to streaming for PC users. But you can start adding it to your game right now and your console, keyboard, and mouse will start appreciating it,” Brown said in his video. 

You can watch the entire video below. Brown talks about mouse and keyboard support at 16:45.

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For many PC and Mobile users, the new feature will turn out to be a huge privilege since they will no longer need to handle the difficulty of using a controller. Although there are over 100 games in the Xbox cloud that allow touch control, there are only a handful of titles that allow keyboard and mouse features. 

However, the company has not yet confirmed a date for the same. Thus, gamers still need to wait for a few months before they can start enjoying Xbox games on their PC.


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