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Where to Buy an Xbox Series X (May 2022)

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Where to buy an Xbox Series X

Saying you’re buying a new Xbox Series X is one thing; actually finding a system is another. They have been in high demand due to the excitement surrounding the next-generation consoles. As a result, you will have to actively look for one and will almost certainly have to spend more than the market price to get one. Regardless, if you’re still wondering where to buy an Xbox Series X, this guide has a couple of ways you can get your hands on one.


Where to Buy an Xbox Series X

The chances of you getting a new Xbox Series X from the Microsoft store are low. However, one way you may test your luck is by checking their list of partnered retailers. Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are constantly adding various sellers who have Xbox Series X consoles in stock. It’s typically a low stock and sells out fast so you will need to keep an eye out.


You’ll most likely have better luck finding an Xbox Series X on the Facebook marketplace. There are constantly listings for the console being added and most likely some in your area. This may not be the preferred choice, since you do run the chance of not guaranteeing your console is fresh out of the box. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to have a friend along, and if you can boot up the console to make sure it’s working correctly.


  • Waiting List

If you do prefer your console doesn’t come from a third party and directly from a trusted retailer, your best bet will be a waiting list. You can go directly to a local retailer like The Source, EB Games, or Best Buy and ask to be put on their waiting list for the next time they get Xbox Series X consoles in stock. This will most likely result in the longest wait for one but will guarantee you are getting it unscathed.


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