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What You Need To Know About Where The Heart Leads



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“Where The Heart Leads,” the game with a poetic title, where there is a surreal narrative between truth and fiction, is going to be released. When will the upcoming game hit the shelves? That should be by July 13, 2021 on the following platforms: “PS4” (Playstation 4)” and “PS5 (Playstation 5).” 

Where The Heart Leads - Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

About Where the Heart Leads: 

Developed by “Armature Games” and soon to be published by “Armature Studio,” a massive sinkhole opens in the middle of Whit Anderson’s farm, on a stormy night. The rain is pouring and there is rumbling thunder. Casey, (a curious Golden Retriever) curiously travels too close to the sinkhole, being sucked in. Whit then descends into the darkness, tumbling into a journey through time. He enters into a realm, beyond his imaginations. 

Like the stops and starts of a dream, this strange world continues to shift. Whit bear witnesses the story of his life, having the full capability of altering the course of his and others’ lives forever. Guide Whit Anderson through his past, present, and future where there are thousands of choices making Whit who he is and dozens of endings. 


There are numerous paths you can be on and the particular order you are on, is you choice. In the trailer, there is an interaction between you and your wife with two choices. Another path is after you had an argument with your landlord (which nobody looks forward to), your rental home gets destroyed. Instead of repairing the damages, your landlord wants to collect insurance money and sell it down the road, forcing you on the streets. As part of an inheritance, your wife (Rene) owns land, and you have your own ideas on how you want to live. 

Where The Heart Leads – New Gameplay Today

If you choose the option of “Sell Your Land,” moving forward, your relationship with your wife goes smooth. You both have stable jobs, and agree to the idea of selling Rene’s inheritance land, which gets the stress off of you and your family. Afterwards, you move into West Carthage (an area for the upper class), starting the next chapter of your life. Well, if you choose the option “Get Creative,” the outcome is you possibly use Rene’s land as a resort in the woods. 

Every player may see a fraction of all the game with the original play through, because every choice you make, could leap to huge deviations. 

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