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What We Know So Far About “Fight In Tight Spaces.”



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Fight In Tight Spaces” is an action and adventure, fighting video game where you rely on cards to determine your next fighting move. The intelligent services have failed trying to eliminate emerging threats. Developed by “Ground Shatter” and published by “Mode 7,” in “Fight in Tight Spaces,” you can save citizens by selecting the right move, with classic action-movie settings. 

Originally, “Fight In Tight Spaces” was going to be released in June 16, 2020. Ever since February 2021, “Fight in Tight Spaces” was released in early access. The game is still a working progress and you can purchase it on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

Fights In Tight Spaces (Announcement Trailer)


There is no guarantee that the project will be complete, so if you’re comfortable with an incomplete video game, you know where to look. Just look fast before they may complete the game. To be updated on if “Fight In Tight Spaces” will have a complete version, here’s their Twitter. 

This is not just another espionage agent video game. In “Fight In Tight Spaces,” there’s deck-building, turned-based tactics, and thrilling animated, tactical fight sequences. Pick from over 150 cards. Random events will occur, but it’s up to you to overcome the obstacles. 

You can either enhance your health or carry injuries, as well as upgrade your agent for upcoming fights. Injuries can only be removed at periodical medical facilities for a cost. 

Spoiler alert: the strategy game, “Fight In Tight Spaces,” is rated “M” for “Mature” with blood and violence. I mean, there eventually has to be some sort of violence to take down the opponents. In layman's terms, you'll be kicking some major butt. 

Control the small amount of space by selecting the proper fighting move to go against your adversaries. The adversaries will attack you and on some missions, you have to be a bodyguard for High-Value-Targets. You can use cash to buy new cards or upgrade new existing ones, unlock new features, etc. Once you reach other levels, eventually, thugs will be equipped with ammunition. It’s up to your action-packed skills to defeat them. 

Fights in Tight Spaces - Guerilla Collective Trailer

Just like in the movies, your playable characters will have a stylish suit. If this was reality where arguably countless agents attempted to actually save the world, life would be like coconut milk and freshly baked chocolate cookies. 

James Parker, (Lead Designer of ‘Fight In Tight Spaces’) at Bristol, UK, developed the prototype of the game with a physical board and actual game pieces. He created the prototype before thinking of a game code. The extra work James had to do to show us this creative game is rewarding in its own way. 

In the game, you have the choice to attack immediately to gain more space or wait to build up a powerful combo. Some actions you make can use up your momentum. Getting too close to enemies or being trapped in a spot, puts your player at a high risk of getting hurt. Once you complete your turn, the players move into position, so you have to plan ahead on what moves you want to perform. 

Shove your enemies (smashing their faces into the surroundings), throw them, tackle them, block their attacks, dodge their attacks to cause the assailants to knockout their own allies, etc. Perform picture-perfect moves like the bicycle kick and the wall-running kick, causing tremendous damage to the enemies. 

Criminal organizations live and operate outside the realms of electronic communication. “Fight in Tight Spaces” is sort of like John Wick meets a board game, but it is a pretty graphic board game. You kick someone in the face, then a dramatic amount of blood flies out. If this game finally does get completed, there may be new enemies to throw around like someone photobombed your once in a lifetime picture. 

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