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What We Know About “Stray,” The Video Game So Far



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Releasing in October of 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PS4 (PlayStation 4), and PS5 (PlayStation 5), with the help of a small, flying drone (known as B12), you can play as a stray kitty in, “Stray.” “Stray” is a single-player game that can leave you emotionally heartbroken while having fun. When you see a stray kitten outside enduring the weather changes, it captures just as emotion as the stray kitten in the video game. In a decaying, cyberpunk Hong Kong in Kowloon Walled City, (it’s a neon-infused city), the stray cat is on an adventure to navigate her way to a robot family and uncover an ancient mystery.

“Stray” started as a two-person effort called the “HK Project” in 2015 and was developed by “BlueTwelve.” It’s being published by Annapurna Interactive

The Cat Has A Backpack: 

With no visible leash in the trailer, the playable cat has a tiny, glowing backpack. We still don’t know what can be inside the backpack or if the cat can use the items. Maybe inside the backpack is food and water, memorabilia, and/ or weapons to fight off the enemies. It’s unknown what extra weight the courageous cat will be carrying around throughout the storyline. 

Stray - Teaser Trailer | PS5


Your playable character lives in a dystopian world of nonexistent humans, (where every object in your path can be interacted with) crossing roads, entering buildings, climbing up rooftops, hopping up steps, running on pipes, and hiding under vehicles. The spray paint in the alleyway reads, “RIP Humans.” It’s an open world game where you’ll use your catlike abilities to get away from enemies while doing parkour. In the game, many steps are like a puzzle to get to the next area. 

The robots in the gameplay have monitors as replaced for heads with imaginable smily faces and upside down smiles to showcase their emotions. Every robot can’t be happy in a robot-occupied city. There can be seen homeless robots sitting on the side of streets. Another robot can be seen repairing a robotic customer in an old barbershop. The robots are made to have human capabilities, thinking beyond the human mind and taking the humans jobs. 

The process of “Stray” being made entails the game developers spent a great amount of time studying cat behavior. That deserves an applause because “Stray” has actually been in development for over 5 years. Just four years ago, several GIFs and video clips surfaced online. 

The Enemies:

Could the cat have a conflict with droids or other creatures? Maybe the furry cat will encounter malfunctioned robots or plain evil robots. The guessing game could be ongoing. 

What’s The Cat’s Name: 

Perhaps, the cat’s name is in the backpack, but it’s still unknown. Maybe someone in the storyline will recognize the cat. In addition to the name, we don’t know which gender the cat is. Possibly, on the feline’s journey, the playable character will meet another friendly cat. That’d be fascinating, since the cyber city is full of sadness with non-existent humans. The tough part would be for the playable character to finally find his or her family, only to say, “Goodbye” to the other friends in a cat language. 

How Will the B12 Aid The Cat?

One can imagine how B12 will help guide the playable character. While we still don’t have all of the answers, we can only speculate. B12 is indeed a flying drone and obviously, the cat as the main character lacks the ability to fly. With an educated guess, B12 will use the flying ability to spot routes the furry cat can take. What we don’t know is if B12 can do more than just move around and fly, which would be interesting to see how that plays out in the game. 

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