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What Ever Happened to Days Gone 2?



In a bid to keep Days Gone from meeting an early burial, Bend Studios recently reached out to Sony to pitch the next biking blockbuster zombie flick. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly bode well with the tech kingpin, and, ultimately met a rather anticlimactic conclusion. Whether it’s down to the mediocre sales figures from the first sequence or the flow of creative differences that branch from the Sony underling; whatever the case, Days Gone 2 still had a lot of potential. It’s just that it wasn’t enough to sway the board into development.

Of course, any gamer who’s seen Days Gone through to its bittersweet ending will know that a sequel was well and truly on the horizon. That being said, with how Bend Studios settled the Oregon affairs with the undead — a simple cliffhanger would’ve more than likely been sufficient. Even still, millions of fans would’ve more than likely flopped to the creator to embrace a sequel should it have come to fruition. But sadly, that may no longer be the case.

Bend Studios planned to make Days Gone 2 a co-op friendly open-world experience.

Where does Bend Studio stand on Days Gone 2?

Since Days Gone tanked in the charts since its 2019 launch, Bend Studios has been rationed out into various other Sony networks. Like Naughty Dog, for example. It just so happens that a large portion of the Days Gone 2 prep team were coined as additional support workers for alternative projects. So, instead of Days Gone 2 being put into development, the scattered devs are now being put to work on The Last of Us remake and nothing more. Not exactly the storybook ending for the Oregon-based studio, we’ll admit.

As far as the actual concept for Days Gone 2 goes — we can only put our money where our mouths are. Sure, we know that Bend Studios had it in their right minds to introduce co-op to the vast open road. But on top of that, nobody really knows where the sequel would’ve headed. And at present, it seems as though we’ll never really know what happened to our beloved Deacon St John after disbanding the corruption of the twisted militia. Though, perhaps that’s something best left for the imagination after all? Either way, we won’t act like we’re not bummed about it.

Days Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

So, it could still happen? Right?

It’s unclear whether or not Days Gone 2 will ever see the face of the greenlight, to be honest. After all, with it being a subpar project that doesn’t meet the mouth-watering requirements of other Sony works, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing it anytime soon. That being said, with Bend Studios only continuing to expand into bigger and better teams, it’s possible that their best performing game to date might not die after all. But we’ll have to hang fire on that one. Either way, the ball is definitely in Sony’s court for the foreseeable future. As for Bend, well, we’ll just have to see where 2021 takes the ambitious team. Here’s hoping we’ll be stripping zombies heads from their shoulders again in no time.

Days Gone released on PlayStation 4 in April 2019. The PC version is due for a Q2 2021 launch. You can check in with Bend Studio here for more exclusive content. Or if you’re feeling the need to stick around, you could always take a gander at these:

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