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What Are The Top 5 Pac-Man Games Besides The Original?



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Some critics can have a way of being blunt and that is exactly how we expect to narrow down the top 5 “Pac-Man” video games of all time. “Pac-Man” is that yellow, ghost muncher that leave most gamers addicted. Throughout the years, there were many versions of “Pac-Man,” including open world adventures. When was the last time you heard somebody tell you they dislike “Pac-Man.” Well, even if you somehow do remember, I am sure “Namco Limited” do not have time to focus on a few people. 

Created by game designer Toru Iwatani (at the age of 24), Pac-Man’s chomping skills can withstand the strength of wood and metal, however, he can be overwhelmed by too many enemies. He has a major addiction to white dots and let’s not pretend like Pac-Man cannot outrun the 256 glitch. Like an obsession, he can munch on the ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Blinky does the chasing, Pinky does the ambushing, Inky is randomized (depending on Pac-Man’s position), and Clyde gets close to Pac-Man, cutting off escape routes. 

Pac-Man Original (Arcade 1980)

The classic “Pac-Man” is timeless and is what us gamers are used to playing. It is like, in order to play any “Pac-Man” edition, you first have to play the classic. Because most of us feel that the original “Pac-Man” is undeniably the best version, it would be unapologetically unfair to add it in the number one spot. The original “Pac-Man” is off the countdown, so let’s remove “Ms. Pac Man, which obviously would come in as the second best “Pac-Man” game. Let’s give other “Pac-Man” versions a chance.

5. Pac-Man Vs.

Developed by “Nintendo EAD” and published by “Namco” is “Pac-Man Vs.” Before the “GameCube” was discontinued, there was “Pac-Man Vs.” In the game, one player controls Pac-Man while others control the ghosts. You can literally play as the enemy and attempt to eliminate the munching hero, Pac-Man. The player controlling Pac-Man has to use a “Game Boy Advance.” If you played this game, you probably remember the link cable peripheral. 

Game Night - Pac-Man Vs. (Gamecube)

4. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 

In “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2,” you have 3 classic arcade titles like “Dig Dug,” “Galaga,” and the original “Pac-Man.” There is (let’s not forget the title of the game), “Pac-Man Championship Edition 2” that you can play. Ghosts can get bumped into approximately 3 times before they wound up chasing Pac-Man. Skip over some parts of the maze and that is a trick many gamers always wanted to do. Also, there are giant ghosts that are top-notch bosses. 

3. Pac-Man World 3

In “Pac-Man World 3,” amazingly, Pac-Man speaks in full sentences. The yellow, influential character we all love is fluent in English, coming to the needs of Blinky, Orson, and Pinky. If you want to be like Pac-Man and eat some ghosts, then your pac-sense is probably tingling. The alternative to eating vulnerable ghosts is the refrigerator. 

Pac-Man World 3 - E3 2005 - Trailer

2. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

“Pac-Man Championship Edition DX” is a 2010 maze video game where the regular “Pac-Man” level lights up with appealing neon-lit colors. Think of it as the modified dreamland version of the “Pac-Man” arcade style. This is the sequel to the 2007 game “Pac-Man Championship Edition.”

1. Pac-Man 99

“Pac-Man 99 is a multiplayer, battle royale maze video game for “Nintendo Switch.” It is developed by “Arika” and published by “Bandai Namco Entertainment.” There is a 99-player online battle royale, where you should eat Power Pellets, turning the ghosts, blue, available for attack. Munch on the ghosts like the yellow creature, you are. Switch between eight different strategies like sending extra jammers, speeding up, etc. 

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