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We Have Not Forgotten About Roller Champions



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The fact that many people cannot find an official release date for “Roller Champions,” makes some people forget about the game. There are plenty of video games that can take your time, just like a significant other. “Ubisoft” should be releasing “Roller Champions” some time in 2021, but the aggressively self-destructive part is not knowing when. It is a free-to-play, roller-derby-meets rocket league video game and if it was not, many of us would still be interested in buying it. There were plenty of gamers on YouTube showing us the gameplay, but would not you just love to be responsible for scoring your own points, instead of living vicariously through another recorded gamer? 

While “Roller Champions Beta” was between February 17 and March 1, for select European countries (with various game modes, custom games, and a first look at the games ranked mode), the year 2021 should confirm the release date of “Roller Champions.” The game will be available on the following platforms: “PS4 (PlayStation 4),” “Nintendo Switch,” “Xbox One,” and “Microsoft Windows.”


Roller Champions: E3 2019 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


“Roller Champions” will be a cross-play game, so that your buddies playing from other platforms, can join in on the action (competing with or against you). There are various game modes that will be available, on vibrant, oval-shaped roller rings. Execute high-flying moves with style in a fast-paced environment. Some  players will play dirty by attempting to tackle you, so you can dodge the attacks. If you are not really a team player, you may find yourself hogging the ball longer than normal, trying to score points on your own. 

The “Rank Mode” has 23 ranks with MMR-based matchmaking. Standard game modes will be “3V3,” but special modes like “2V2” will appear in limited time.

Why Should You Play Roller Champions: 

Why play any video game? “Roller Champions involves skating your way up walls (in roller rings), then tossing the ball through mounted areas (sort of like a game of Harry Potter’s Quidditch, but you are in a rocket league with skates). It sort of is like a modified game of Quidditch when you really think about it, but without the magic, broomsticks, and dress code. 

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