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Wanderer Is Arriving To PSVR and PC VR In January 2022



Cut people some slack for buying the PS4 (PlayStation 4) when the PS5 (PlayStation 5) receives more admiration. PS4 exclusive games is an excellent way to celebrate Sony’s last-generation console, but VR (virtual reality) games have much to offer. 

Finally, there is a release date for the virtual reality adventure, Wanderer. Indulge in a story-driven adventure with a blend of escape room style puzzles. Play as Asher Neumann, a hero in the time-bending journey, capable of changing the course of history. Will your mind drift off into the art of preplanned storytelling? Wanderer will be available January 27, 2022 for PSVR (PlayStation VR) and PC VR via Steam.

Wanderer - Game Reveal Trailer | PS VR

You will be searching for your grandfather’s lost apartment and mysterious artifacts lost within it. Thus, you discover Samuel the Watch (a literal wrist watch) unlocking the power to traverse time and space. With such a desirable power, you must navigate the secrets of the past and prevent the collapse of civilization. Your time traveling will be linked to black holes, which you will control by using a temporal transporter.

The memories I would change in history with the power of time travel, are limitless. On second thought, I would not want anything I change to interfere with the future. It sort of reminds me of the Back to the Future movie series with Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Back to the Future is actually a 2010 released video game as well.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bugs?: 

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for owners of the Happy Home Paradice DLC (downloadable content) remodeling your neighbors homes while the airport gates are open, causes bugs. A patch is on the way that will prevent the noticeable bug. If you experience bugs  by not closing the airport gates, you should not lose your data by ending the play session. 

Nintendo Will Release It’s Next Game When?: 

Nintendo’s “next gaming system” is mentioned to be released at the problematic date, 20XX (which is between now and 2099). I doubt Nintendo will wait over 50 years without releasing a new console, but even if Nintendo did, what are you going to do? Sony and Microsoft are huge, but the iconic Nintendo can nearly do anything. 

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