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VRChat: 5 Best Worlds in 2022, Ranked



VRChat is one of the quickest growing and most highly anticipated gaming communities at the moment. The wide range of activities continues to grow among the die-hard fans who can’t get enough of the limitless possibilities. With this, the VRChat world is only expanding further with more and more VR designers stepping into the scene with their creations. Now there are over 25,000 community-created worlds and that number is only growing.

VRChat is a truly sociable experience for gamers that delivers in so many aspects. If you are new to VRChat then it may be a little confusing on where to start and what the best places to explore are. Even if you have had your fair share of time in VRChat already there are tons of new worlds to explore. That’s why we marked them down with the five best VRChat worlds of 2022, Ranked.

5. ‘Among Us’ Game

If Among Us wasn’t already addicting enough, VR designer Jar remade the game in VRChat to an impressive scale. Just as you would in the original game, innocent players are tasked with solving tasks in order to win. The impressive part is that these tasks are exact replicas from ones in the game. Just as you would in Among Us, innocent players will need to connect wires, swipe cards, and pull levers in order to survive.

For the evil imposters, you already know your job is to eliminate enemy players. This is done by sneaking up behind them and performing the kill action. However, you still have the option of sneaking around through vents and sabotaging the ship to pull off your plan.

The only map currently featured is the Skeld from the original game and can have up to 15 players at a time. This is a great map to play with friends and really gives a more realistic sense of Among Us in VRChat.


4. The Great Pug

One of the best parts about VRChat is sitting down at your favorite, not-so-local bar, and sharing times with other gamers. One VRChat world that has seen major success off this concept is The Great Pug. The world was created by owlboy, which has been successfully running for five years now and is still one of the most popular worlds in 2022.

The bar layout features the first floor which act’s as the main bar and spawn point. It is an open room with 16 tables and a bar counter that can deliver different food and drinks. There is even a second floor to the bar with more seating and a stage for bands to play. It doesn’t stop there though, The Great Pug also features a kitchen, restrooms, a storage room, and even a back alley. All of these areas can be explored by players who hold some secrets to unlock the basement.

The basement, also known as “The Dire Pug” is can be unlocked by solving various puzzles within The Great Pug. Once unlocked players can then enter a portal that will lead them on a quest!

3. Sovren’s Chill Home

Maybe the bar isn’t your go-to place to unwind in VRChat, if that’s the case then definitely head to Sovren’s Chill Home. The world is a take on a relaxing and chill house party, set inside Sovrens VR home. The house itself is actually massive with lots of areas to explore. You can park up next to a cozy fireplace with a drink or take it to the outside balcony with an amazing view. However, if you want to get away from the crowds there are more private rooms meant for smaller capacities.

There is a lot more to do than just hang out. Sovrens Chill Home also features a bunch of games and attractions to keep you entertained. There is a video player to let gamers share their funniest videos, multiple pool tables, and even beer pong. The balcony features even more games with two truths one lie, and never have I ever. It’s almost everything you could expect from a typical house party but set in a VR world. The community as Sovrens house is very friendly and inviting so don’t be shy!


2.  Prison Escape!

A new and highly popular map in 2022 is Prison Escape! by Ostinyo. Just as you would expect, the world is a take on the popular game mod, prison escape. In this VR world there are up to 16 players who choose to either be a prisoner looking to make a great escape or a guard looking to falter all plans. Both roles are definitely worth a try as they play great off of the encounters with other players.

One of the main reasons this map has received such a great response is due to the amount of roleplaying. Players really step into their role in the prison escape scene and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. This is a great map if you want an experience similar to the prison escape for Garry’s Mod.


1. District Roboto

One of the most beautifully orchestrated worlds to VRChat is a new one by VRCFins. The world is an explorable seaside city set in the future and is extremely detailed.  It almost makes you want to explore every possible corner with this level of detail. So far from the clips, the world has shown it is massive with tons of streets, indoors, and underground areas to explore.

What also makes this world unique is that is inhabited by robots. They are scattered all around the world and add to the immersion of the city. Within this world are tons of hidden secrets that are just waiting to be found. So be one of the first ones and step in District Roboto.


What is your favorite VRChat world? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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