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VR Tabletop RPG Platform Dungeon Full Dive Finished Kickstarter Campaign With Over $280K



Dungeon Full Dive is an upcoming VR Tabletop Gaming platformer that brings together VR and PC players to create a Dungeon and Dragonesque roleplaying game to play together online. The month-long Kickstarter campaign came to an end on May 27, 2021, which garnered the team over $280k allowing them to give the project life.

Cologne, Germany-based studio TxK Gaming finished their Dungeon Full Dive Kickstarter campaign today with a total of €234,343 (an equivalent of $285,000), which was pledged by over 3,800 backers. The project was originally asking for just €10,000 (approximately $12,200).

Dungeon Full Dive is less a game and more of a tabletop simulator. Players will be able to create not only the game piece that will be used during the campaigns but also create a customized avatar that will be controlling said piece, moving around, and interacting with the virtual environment. With a click of a button, they will be able to shift from the pov of the avatar to the piece on the board.

In terms of playing locations, the game master will be able to load players into different environments, choosing between a cabin, a forest, a ship sailing across the ocean, and many more. The game master is also able to summon a game table for combat interactions, with a wide variety of different 3D maps. The game comes with a bunch of pre-made game tables with environments and structures built on them, but the player can easily make their own. Dungeon Full Dive will offer a custom table builder, being able to modify the existing tables or create a new one using the available assets, so that players can create the world exactly as they imagine it during their campaign. The game master can also transform into an NPC at any time.

Unlike the usual subscription-based model with other online tabletop RPG, the company's model for Dungeon Full Dive is a lifetime license after purchase, meaning players who purchased the game will own their copy forever. They have also promised to bring continuous free future updates that will include new maps, assets, and many more.

The team says it’s planning to release Dungeon Full Dive in the first quarter of 2022 on SteamVR headsets and the Oculus Store for Rift. A version for Oculus Quest is said to come at some point in the future, although it’s not certain when. It’s also offering support to PC with mouse and keyboard.

Dungeon Full Dive: Make your Tabletop Games Real

There are some obvious parallels between Dungeon Full Dive and the recently released Demeo (which we covered here on The key difference that separates the two is Demeo’s focus is on playing through a crafted, specific campaign with only light RPG elements, Dungeon Full Dive’s aim to give the player as much freedom as possible to create and play their own campaign just like one would in real life, but in VR with virtual props, assets and environments to help you along

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