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VR FPS Roguelite OUTLIER Demo Is Now Available



The indie studio, Joy Way, has been making moves in the virtual reality sphere with the simultaneous juggling of three VR games in development. This includes the VR Parkour game STRIDE which is in Early Access and VR Rhythm Game AGAINST, releasing later this year. They have recently announced the demo for OUTLIER, a VR roguelite with a unique concept of its weaponry and bottom-up VR design.

The studio describes the game as a procedurally generated VR FPS roguelite. The story of the game has players put into the shoes of the captain of one of the last human arks. In the pursuit of finding a new home for humanity to habitat, the player's ship is sucked into a black hole. From their position beyond space and time, the player witness an unknown alien race devastating what looks like a habitable solar system. The unknown physics of the black hole endow the player with mysterious powers and allow them to exist in parallel worlds. The player must live, die, and repeat in their quest to conquer at least one of these worlds in the name of mankind.

Joy Way elaborates on the world of OUTLIER stating, “The solar system after alien race expansion is a harsh place, full of harsher occupants. As you progress through each planet, random events and new storyline pieces will help you to infiltrate the black hole and fight back against the intruders. Interconnected levels drive you to explore your surroundings, full of breathtaking landscapes and mysteries like secret rooms, hidden passages, and artifacts.”

OUTLIER‘s roguelite structure has players experience a unique playthrough with every level being procedurally generated. With each new restart, the player will have a brand new experience. This will allow them to meet new characters and collect new artifacts, weapons, and parts of the story. Their unique abilities build across the game even in a single session. The combination of power-ups and ability modifiers makes for different experiences. Players can combine spells together to get new ones: mix a fireball and a telekinetic push to acquire both an explosive fireball and a fire push. Players will have the freedom to shape their character and armory between the runs to construct diverse builds for any playstyle.

Joy Way has stated that the released demo will be offering 1.5 hours of content for the player to get a feel of OUTLIER‘s creative FPS gameplay. The demo will also include three abilities, four weapons, four enemies, a boss, and 13 powerups. In an effort to bring out the best experience for OUTLIER, the studio is looking for feedback from the community. So for players who have played the demo and want to give their thoughts, check out the demo feedback form.

OUTLIER - Announcement Trailer




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