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Voidtrain Is An Interdimensional Express Running Through Portals



On an interdimensional express running through portals, discover a new world, inhabited by unusual creatures. In the first-person action-survival game, Voldtrain, face danger and lock your fortunate eyes on worthwhile surprises. Watching part of the trailer may give you vibes of the 2004 computer-animated movie “The Polar Express,” but only without the holiday spirit, then it switches to something you would never see in such a children’s movie with arsenal and unusual creatures to shoot at. While Voidtrain has no official release date, it is expected to launch next year, (in 2022) on the following platforms: Xbox One and PC.

Voidtrain - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2020

More About Voidtrain:

The train can be upgraded with extra cars, engine to steam, Tesla, diesel, or improve its defensive mechanism. The more the old train is upgraded, the faster it can go and each trip should be unique (with new paths to experience, new lands to see, and new trains to build). 

Voldtrain is based on survival and you will be shooting at what appears to be like flying sharks. Maybe you thought about the film series, “Sharknado” while watching the flying shark scene in the trailer. Players will take on the role as a mechanical crew. Gather materials and create your own weapons, exploring the various terrains of the world. Play solo and take advantage of the online co-op mode (which is up to four players). 


  • Puzzle Islands—In order to discover the secrets of the void, players will have to solve challenging puzzles. Solving the puzzles earn players special rewards
  • Floating Islands—The dangerous island is infested with fauna. Use your weapon arsenal to keep the fauna away and explore the island for resources and loot. 
  • Unique Adventure—There are new paths to go on, new lands to discover, and a new train to build
  • Discover The Void World—Learn to survive in a new environment where gravity does not always apply. Gather resources and explore the stations
  • Build The Locomotive—Players will face obstacles like floating minefields, large flying predators, and more. Overcome the challenges by upgrading the train’s defense capabilities
  • Interdimensional Train Depots—The depots are the interim stops between worlds (biomes) and are taken over by Nazis. Defeat the Nazis and free the hostages. Each depot allows players to enhance their train. 
  • Void Cards—Use special items to make your journey more challenging. With higher risks comes higher rewards
  • Increasing Difficulty—The better equipment and train progression you have, the harder the challenge becomes, scaling with your abilities
  • The Interdimensional Express – Start with a tiny trolley. What comes out of it further depends on you. Build, expand, customize, choose the type of engine between different eras – and play the game your way.

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