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Vertigo Games to Develop the Ultimate Air Guitar Simulator, Unplugged

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From the studio that brought us Arizona Sunshine comes a new and exciting project that will let couch dreamers finally feel like rockstars. Thanks to the hand-tracking capabilities of the Oculus Quest, the upcoming rhythm game, Unplugged, will lose the bulky add-ons and focus on body movements alone. So, that means less squeaky button mashing and more immersive powerplay without the weight — which bodes well for a lot of gamers.

Vertigo Games has announced that the ambitious rhythm simulator will be coming to the Oculus Quest in Q3 2021. However, there seems to be a fair bit of work to do on the working title, as this is no Guitar Hero or Rock Band VR. In fact, due to the rather large task of mapping chords and producing a life-like feel to the guitar, developer Anotherway could just find themselves in a bind over the technicalities. But hey — this is 2020. If a developer wants to make a player feel like a rockstar — then they can.

In a statement from Julia Casal, producer at Anotherway:

“What started out as a passion project seemed to grab the attention of many VR media and content creators, and we soon realized that the project had much potential and we needed a partner to help us bring it to life,” Casal confirmed. “By partnering with Vertigo Games we are able to scale up the project and pursue our ambitious goals. The experience has been wonderful so far and we are extremely motivated to start the journey of working on Unplugged along with them.”

So, will Unplugged be the future of rhythm gaming? Will we ever get to see it roll out onto other platforms? Could Anotherway be on to something that could change VR as we know it? I guess we'll find out. In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on the upcoming music title and letting you know when something new drops. Until then, you might have to keep rocking out with the squeaky controllers.

Unplugged: Air Guitar is scheduled for a Q3 2021 launch on Oculus Quest.

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