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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage



The Sage Sentinel is one of the most versatile characters in Valorant. Because of her unique skill kit, which can slow the enemy’s advance and heal the allied team, the agent has gained a lot of popularity within Riot Games‘ FPS. To take full advantage of the potential it offers, the player using it must master each character’s mechanics. With Chinese origin, Sage has in his abilities two resources to delay the enemy team. A skill that heals the life of any player on the team, in addition to his ultimate, which makes a downed companion return to the round. Check below for tips to increase your effectiveness with the agent.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage

Sage is one of Valorant’s early characters. (Image: Riot Games)

Skills and tips

Slow Orb (Q) – Cost: $ 100

The ability that slows down the enemy team. Press Q to equip an orb, press the left mouse button to fire it. Upon hitting the ground, the projectile detonates, creating a field that slows players inside it.

  • Slow orb does not detonate on walls. Use this mechanic to get the ability to reach more distant locations. Or at points that are not possible to reach by shooting in a straight line. Abuse this strategy to avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily and not risk being shot.
  • Enemies that try to run through the slow field of the orb will make noise. Stay tuned to see the rival steps.
  • This ability is very effective in preventing opponents from advancing. When you notice that the opposing team is moving with speed, shoot Slow Orb to slow down the enemy strategy.
Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage

Slow Orb slows down anyone who passes over the skill area. (Image: Valorant)

Healing Orb (E) – Cost: Free

Sage’s great differentiator. Press E to equip an orb, fire to heal an ally, or activate with the right mouse button, while wounded, to heal yourself. Life regeneration occurs over time, and is interrupted when suffering any kind of damage.

  • When equipping the orb, Sage will have a vision of the life of his team members. Try to use the skill on players who have suffered the most damage and cannot heal. In this way, the use of the skill will be much more effective.
  • Despite seeing allies through the wall, it is only possible to heal them if they are in your field of vision, that is, they cannot be behind an obstacle.
  • Even if a friend is in desperate need of help, don’t take any chances. Avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily to heal a companion, otherwise the two can be slaughtered.
  • Healing Orb has a very high cooldown (45 seconds). Therefore, use the skill wisely, as it will be difficult to get a second chance to use it within the same round.
Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage

Sage’s Healing Orb in action. (Image: Valorant)

Barrier Orb (C) – Cost: $400

Press C to equip an orb, use the fire button to produce a wall at the target location. By holding the right mouse button, it is possible to rotate the barrier before creating it, and when pressing the C key, the wall rotates by 90 °. The ability falls apart after 30 seconds, or when it takes 800 damage in Valorant.

  • Use Barrier Orb to block the enemy’s view, or to prevent players from passing through.
  • Use the wall in synergy with the Slow Orb. When noticing the advance of rivals, use Q to slow down and C to stop the opponent’s charge.
  • Create strategic moves. Apply Barrier Orb under an ally so that it is elevated. In this way, it is possible to gain an even larger field of view, surprising your opponents.
  • Playing as an attacker, try to plant Spyke in the corners of the bombsites. After that, use the barrier to secure the bomb, making it difficult for rivals to resume.
  • In disadvantaged situations, use the barrier to protect yourself. It can prevent you from being shot by enemies, which guarantees more round time for your team to help you.
Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Sage

Use Barrier Orb to block passages. (Image: Valorant)

Resurrection (X) – Cost: seven Ultimate points

The Ultimate of Sage. Press X to equip the skill and shoot a downed ally to revive him (after a short charge). The player returns with a pistol, but it is possible to collect his primary weapon on the ground.

  • Resurrection is an extremely strong skill that can completely turn a round. Therefore, use it strategically, prioritizing players who are standing out, or characters who have a more favorable skill kit for the round in question.
  • Avoid using the skill in very disadvantaged situations. On certain occasions, it is more worth saving Resurrection to gain a point further than using the ultimate and still losing the round.
  • Resurrection has a short channeling time, so protect your ally while it is revived, as the character is vulnerable. Make sure there is no enemy nearby or use your skills to secure the terrain.

Sage manages to perform well by attacking or defending, as he has support skills for his team. However, playing as a defender, that’s where the character really stands out. The sentry manages to completely delay enemy advances, which makes it very effective in defending bombsites. Try not to play aggressively with the agent, as she is a key player in the composition of any team, and cannot be slaughtered quickly.

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