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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Reyna



First agent released after the official launch of Valorant, Reyna is a typical duelist in Riot Games‘ FPS. With a kit aimed entirely at herself, Reyna, in addition to blinding enemies, collects their souls to recover the life lost during the individual encounter or become invulnerable and reposition themselves during striking. At its ultimate, the Empress form grants buffets for firing speed, reloads and “unlocks” new functions for your abilities.

Reyna is one of Valorant's duelists. (Image: Riot Games)

Reyna is one of Valorant’s duelists. (Image: Riot Games)

In the taste of the players, Reyna has a Mexican origin. Its strong kit individually exposes the agent’s weakness. To get the most out of Reyna, you need good performance. Although simple, the agent’s skills are mostly focused on post-killing enemies. Thinking about it, Gaming Net prepared a guide with everything about the agent, from her skills to specific tips for the character.

Skills and tips

Leer (C): Cost: $200 (up to two units)

Reyna equips an ethereal eye that can be destroyed by enemies by shooting it. But if it is not destroyed, it will blind them while they are looking at the orb.

Reyna's Ravenous Eye skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Reyna’s Ravenous Eye skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Always use Hunger Eye to dominate locations and make entries. Your allies are not blinded by the Ravenous Eye.
  • As it is destructible, always remember to use Ravenous Eye in a way that makes enemies lose their aim to break the orb. Use it high or on the ground, to disperse the enemy’s aim.
  • In such cases, you will be free to shoot your enemy while he is concerned with breaking the Ravenous Eye. If he doesn’t break, he will be blind and the advantage will remain yours.
  • Watch out for some angles. Despite blinding enemies who are looking for the ability, if there is a wall or surface in front of the enemy’s vision, the enemy will not be blind and will surprise your team.

Devour (Q): Cost: $100 (up to four units)

Reyna has up to four soul orbs during a round. Orbs are used for both Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E), that is, the purchase of an orb can serve two abilities. When Devour is selected, the soul orb will recover Reyna’s life in up to 100 health, leaving her with maximum health again.

Reyna's Devour skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Reyna’s Devour skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • If you lose your vest during striking, use Devour to momentarily recover your vest. The ability overheals and if you are 100 health, the ability will recover your vest, which will have decayed over time.
  • Be careful when walking during the healing animation. Devour can be stopped by moving behind walls, boxes or surfaces.
  • Because of the ability’s trail, it’s possible for enemies to know where you are when using Devour. Still, in most cases, always get your life back when you get the chance, even if it shows enemies where you are.

Dismiss (E): Cost: $100 (up to four units)

Reyna has up to four soul orbs during a round. Orbs are used for both Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E), that is, the purchase of an orb can serve two abilities. When Dismiss, Reyna becomes invulnerable to shots and damage abilities.

Reyna's Dismiss skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Reyna’s Dismiss skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Use Dismiss to gain information. When taking down an enemy, if you have not suffered major damage, consume the soul orb with Dismiss to walk for a short invulnerable period.
  • If you encounter enemies in the ability’s invulnerable form, reposition yourself and pass the information on to your team.
  • Beware that despite being invulnerable, the outline of Reyna is seen by enemies. The ability alone does not give invisibility.

Empress (X): Cost: six points of ultimate

Reyna turns into an empress, in a state of frenzy, dramatically increasing her firing speeds, equipment and ammunition recharge. In addition, in the form Empress, Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E) receive new features.

Reyna's ultimate channeling. (Image: Play Valorant)

Reyna’s ultimate channeling. (Image: Play Valorant)

In the Empress form, Devour is used “automatically”, since Reyna heals herself when doing a slaughter. If Dismiss (E) is already used in a soul orb, Reyna will not only be invulnerable, but, invisible to enemies.

  • Because you heal on your own during the Empress form, always use Dismiss on soul orbs when taking out enemies to stay invisible. Eeyna heals herself, there’s no point in using Devour.
  • Whenever you use Dismiss in Empress form, reposition yourself with the ability for enemies’ backs, this will make it easier for you to kill next time and can change positions again and do the same successive times.
  • Beware of spray guns in the Empress form, the firing speed goes up dramatically and it is much easier to lose control of the recoil.
  • In Empress form, Reyna also doesn’t have to buy loads of soul orbs. At each slaughter the orb is automatically reloaded, as well as the duration of the Empress form in the round.


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