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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Phoenix

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Phoenix



Currently one of the strongest agents of Valorant. Phoenix brings together everything a duelist would like to have. Access to healing while doing damage. With a kit aimed at both attacking and self-defense, virtually everything in Phoenix regenerates your life while dealing damage to the enemy. The UK star still has two flashbangs in his skill kit to further increase his input power.

Phoenix is one of Valorant's duelists. (Image: Play Valorant)

Phoenix is one of Valorant’s duelists. (Image: Play Valorant)

With a kit that allows a more aggressive playing style. Phoenix is one of the main choices among players with an entry fragger feature, that is, those who make the first contact with the enemy. Below, Gaming Net has prepared a guide with everything about the agent. From your skills to punctual tips to maximize the results with the character.

Skills and tips

Blaze (C): Cost: $200 (one unit)

Phoenix lifts a thin wall of fire that blocks vision and damages those who try to get past it. Phoenix is healed by touching Labareda.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Phoenix

Phoenix’s Blaze skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Hold the left mouse button while Blaze is being activated. Move the mouse to make the Phoenix fire wall gain movement. Blaze is not necessarily a straight “wall”, it curves and can isolate different angles.
  • Although not ideal because it does little damage and is not insurmountable, Blaze can be used to isolate one side of the bomb at a coordinated entrance.
  • Watch out for surfaces, objects and walls. If Blaze hits any object, it will stop growing. That is, if you lift Blaze close to the wall, it will be too short.

Curveball (Q): Cost: $200 (up to two units)

Curve Ball is Phoenix’s flashbang. The agent equips up to two curved flashes and can be made for both sides by following the mouse buttons. Left button causes the flash to be left and the right button causes the flash to be right.

Phoenix Curveball Skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Phoenix Curveball Skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Because it is different from ordinary flashes in other FPS, Curveball requires a certain amount of training and practice. Especially in very small places like Haven’s double door, for example.
  • Curveball blinds not only enemies, but also allies and Phoenix himself. So, be careful when using the skill.
  • Trained and dominated, Curveball is the main skill for Phoenix to enter the venues. Always guaranteeing the advantage to the duelist.
  • Hold the flash for companions. Despite being an entry fragger, Phoenix can also act as a kind of support, making flashes for companions to show their face.

Hot Hands (E): Cost: zero (reloads after two kills in the round)

Phoenix pulls a kind of fireball that can be dropped on the floor. The ability, in addition to damaging enemies like a molotov, heals Phoenix if he is on top.

Phoenix Hot Hands skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Phoenix Hot Hands skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Hot hands can be used in two ways. To damage enemies or for Phoenix to heal. Wait for the round to progress to decide how to use the skill and remember that if you eliminate two opponents, the skill will be available again.
  • Without Sage on the team, Hot Hands gains greater value in the defensive form. However, be careful where you use the ability, after all, Hot Hands can damage allies.
  • Hot hands can be used to clear positions where enemies may be hiding. If the enemy is hidden in the place and does not leave while he is on top of the skill, he will die.

Run it Back (X): Cost: six points of ultimate

Phoenix creates a marker where it is and receives a “new life”. As if it were a savepoint. Everything that Phoenix did during his “other life” is valid, however, if he dies he returns to the place where he used the ultimate.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Phoenix

Phoenix’s Run it Back skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • There are usually two situations for the Phoenix ultimate. To search for information or to exchange bullet. In important rounds, use Run it back at the beginning of the round to try to find out where the enemies are and give your team as much information as possible.

Extra tip for Bind:

  • Use Run it back on Aladdin and enter the A portal. That way you will get information on how Hookah is doing and have the chance to catch one or more kills. If you do not find anyone or are shot, you will return to your original position in bomb A and still guarantee the information for your team.
  • Although not highly recommended, it is possible to use Run it back to heal yourself during the round. This is because when Phoenix is “reborn” after being shot at the ultimate, the agent gains 100 life.
  • “Be careful where you end up.” The place where Phoenix uses the Renaissance is marked and if an enemy finds out he can mark his return to take him down easily.


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