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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Omen



Valorant true terror, Omen is a ghostly reminder of Riot Games‘ FPS. It is one of the most used controllers in the competitive scenario due to its versatility. With two refillable smokes in his kit, Omen is one of the most balanced agents in terms of attack and defense. In addition to the smokes, the agent also has a kind of flashbang and can still teleport in unusual places.

Omen is one of the controllers of Valorant. (Image: Play Valorant)

Omen is one of the controllers of Valorant. (Image: Play Valorant)

Dark in appearance and with a hunter’s instinct, Omen fell in love with the community for combining map control and having the potential to make risky moves from his teleport. With that in mind, Gaming Net has prepared a guide with everything about the agent. From your skills to specific tips for the character.

Skills and tips

Shrouded Step (C): Cost: $100 (up to two units)

Omen channels for a short time and teleports to the selected location. When selecting the skill, it is possible to see on the floor the mark from which the teleport will be made. With the left mouse button Shrouded Step is activated.

Omen's Shrouded Step Skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

Omen’s Shrouded Step Skill. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • On the defending side or after planting the spike on the attacking side, use Shrouded Step to surprise opponents and gain a new position, such as on top of boxes or platforms.
  • Use the skill to reposition yourself in difficult moments. Did any enemy see you and get stuck? Exit using Shrouded Step.
  • Although it is not advisable, it is possible to use Shrouded Step offensively when entering a bomb. Either to take the aim of opponents so that their allies enter in a natural way or to surprise them and guarantee a slaughter.
  • It is also possible to deceive enemies by using Shrouded Step on your own foot. Upon hearing the noise of the ability, the enemy will find that it has changed position when it actually maintained its position.

Paranoia (Q): Cost: $200 (one unit)

Omen creates a kind of shadowy orb that blinds everyone in range of the throw when played. The ability blinds both enemies and allies.

Paranoia skill of Omen. (Image: Play Valorant)

Paranoia skill of Omen. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • Keep an eye on the minimap to see how far Paranoia will take away the sight of enemies. With a relatively low range, the skill is critical to dominating indoor locations with only a small entrance.
  • Watch out for allies in front of you. Paranoia takes away the sight not only of enemies, but also of allies.
  • In “two-story” locations, such as Hookah’s window on Bind, Paranoia has to be done by pointing upwards. Remember that the ability will always follow the mouse cursor, that is, where Omen is looking. If you want to blind a right angle, leave the crosshair straight. If you need to blind a different angle, move the cursor up or down.

Dark Cover (E): Cost: zero (up to two units with a 35 second cooldown)

Omen even has two spheres of shadow, which work like a smoke grenade, but “hollow” inside. Unlike the Brimstone smoke, Dark Cover is refillable and can be used multiple times in the same round. The left and right buttons control the distance of the Dark Cover, which is activated after pressing the skill button again.

Inside the Dark Cover. (Image: Play Valorant)

Inside the Dark Cover. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • As it is rechargeable, Dark Cover can be used right at the beginning of the round and always renewed in a specific location.
  • Always take care of the cooldown of the skill. The opportunity to block the enemy’s view on a combined entry, a plant or a post-plant is always welcome. Always have a charge of the skill available or with close time to return.
  • Despite being a kind of smoke, which blocks enemy vision, the interior of the Dark Cover is hollow and enemies can enter the Dark Cover without being seen to surprise your team.
  • The same goes for you and your team. Because it is a hollow smoke, use it to surprise enemies who try to cross it and be there before them.

From the Shadows (X): Cost: seven points of ultimate

Omen opens the map in front of you and marks any location. By left clicking on the desired location, Shadow Jump will teleport Omen. The ability can be canceled when fired during plumbing. It will also be canceled if you press the skill key again.

Ultimate Omen From the Shadows. (Image: Play Valorant)

Ultimate Omen From the Shadows. (Image: Play Valorant)

  • From the Shadows behind opponents makes them worry not only about their allies who may come in from the front, but also with an Omen on the flank.
  • Although not ideal, Salto das Sombras can be used right at the beginning of a round at the enemy base to get information for your team and later combine plays.
  • In times of clutch, those when you are alone, using From the Shadows with the spike to a location with less opponents can be a good alternative to guarantee the plant.
  • Be careful where you use Shadow Jump. It is very common for teams to leave players in specific positions when Omen has the ultimate available. If the opponent hits the right channeling time, he will not cancel the ultimate. And yes, it will eliminate you from the round without you being able to do anything. During channeling time, Omen cannot walk, shoot or use skills.
  • Unlike Dark Cover, From the Shadows makes a lot of noise and if an enemy is nearby it is possible to detect where Omen teleported.



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