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Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Jett

Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Jett



Duelist Jett is one of the most deadly characters in Valorant, Riot Games‘ FPS. However, she is also one of the most difficult agents to control because of her mobility skills. Therefore, the player who wants to bet on it must first learn how to use each mechanic well. Use it in a way that takes full advantage of the character’s potential in the game.

Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Jett

Jett is a dueling agent for Valorant. (Image: Riot Games)

Representing South Korea, Jett has two handling resources. A smoke, an Ultimate with lethal daggers and a passive, which is not really a skill. This passive can help a lot when playing Jett. Below are some tips on how to better use the duelist’s resources.


Holding the jump button will allow you to trigger Jett’s passive, gliding / gliding with the character. Thus, it will be possible to access inaccessible places when she starts a jump from a higher place or to avoid damage caused by falls. It may work well when combined with other skills, but the accuracy of the shots is impaired by levitation.

Skills and tips on how to use them

Eruption of Mists (C):

The Eruption of Mists can be considered Jett’s smoke. This ability causes the character to launch a projectile that expands into a smoke screen. Limiting the field of view on the map for a brief amount of time.

  • It is possible to direct and bend the projectile before launching it. To do this, hold the skill button and move the crosshairs to choose the best target.
  • You can surprise and disorient your enemies by playing the Eruption of Mists, entering it and using the Boost Breeze and the Upstream in the sequence.
Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Jett

The Mists Eruption limits the opponent’s vision. (Image: Riot Games)

Impulse Breeze (E):

Impulse Breeze will be able to propel Jett quickly in any desired direction. This ability can be reloaded if the player gets two kills.

  • Choose carefully when to use Impulse Breeze. After the speed boost, Jett will need a little time to pull his weapon back, making him at a disadvantage for a moment.
  • Many use Brisa de Impulso right at the start of the round in order to get there faster in some area. But it can end up being a waste of skill. Using the resource to outwit an enemy or reposition yourself after a kill are smarter alternatives for using the skill. If you get shot and you’re about to die, the Breeze of Impulse can help you get away in the blink of an eye.
  • When using Impulse Breeze, your vision is slightly distorted, and disabling distortion in Valorant’s graphical settings does not remove that. So try to have at least an idea of ​​where the enemy is before using the feature.
  • The ability can form incredible combos when used with the Ascending Chain and the Steel Storm.
  • Listen carefully to opponents’ refills, especially when you are near them, around a corner. When they retreat to reload after firing, you can use this mobility feature to kill them before they can react.

Upward Current (Q):

The upward current, a high vertical impulse, will allow Jett to reach places previously unattainable by the common jump, ensuring surprising positioning in the game.

  • Using the Upward Chain while shooting will make your shots not accurate. Therefore, it is better to use this ability only for positioning or with Ultimate.
  • The Ascending Chain will allow the player to reach advantage points on the map, being able to see beyond smokes and identify false advances. Use the skill to collect information and pass it on to your teammates.
Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Jett

Jett can use the Upward Current to access higher places. (Image: Valorant)

  • As with Impulse Breeze, Jett will need a little time to pull his weapon back at the end of the skill.
  • Combining skill with passive or Impulse Breeze amplifies Jett’s mobility and access to points on the map.
  • The Ascending Chain can also be used in conjunction with the skills of other agents, climbing, for example, on some wall made by teammates.

Steel Storm (X):

Steel Storm is Jett’s Ultimate. With it, the player can throw five knives that hit any opponent in the head and can be reloaded when a kill is confirmed. You can use just one knife or use all five at once.

  • Using the left button will cause the player to throw only one knife, while the right button will result in the throwing of all knives.
  • Ultimate guarantees accuracy to the player even when used on the move. So it is possible to throw your knife without missing the target while using the Upward Current or the Boost Breeze.
  • Using Ultimate in an economical round can make the player give up the need to buy weapons, saving money for the next game.
  • Although there is a delay in using the weapon after using the Upward Current or the Breeze of Impulse, this delay is much less pronounced after the use of the Steel Storm.


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