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Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Cypher

Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Cypher



Sentinel Cypher stands out for being one of the characters with greater vision control in Valorant. With abilities that can detect the movement of enemies, he can strategically position himself and defend bombsites alone. Therefore, mastering the mechanics of the agent is a key point to maximize his effectiveness in pursuit of victory in Riot Games‘ FPS.

Originally from Morocco, Cypher has in his skill kit a smoke, two resources to identify the positions of rivals. In addition to its ultimate, which when triggered, reveals the location of all its enemies. Check below some tips to make the best use of the agent in Riot Games’ FPS.

Skills and tips

Cyber Cage (Q) – Cost: $ 100

This ability is Cypher’s smoke. The agent throws a projectile in front of him, which, when activated, creates a zone that blocks vision. This slows enemies that pass through it slower.

  • It is possible to use Cybernetic Cage with Surveillance Camera, Trap Wire and Neutral Assault. When detecting an enemy, use the Q to block the viewpoints where the opponents will appear. Thus, you gain time for your team to move around and protect strategic locations on the map.
  • The best defense is attack, so surprise your rivals aggressively. Use Cyber Cage and advance to it to gain movement advantage. With slower enemies, it is easier to get kills.
Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Cypher

Cypher’s Cyber Cage ability in Valorant blocks the enemy’s view. (Image: Valorant)

Surveillance Camera (E) – Cost: Free

The central monitoring of the character. By pressing this ability, Cypher equips a surveillance camera. When firing, she gets caught in the targeting spot and is invisible. By pressing the E again, it is possible to control the vision and shoot a marker dart, which catches and reveals the location of any enemy hit. By controlling the ability on the second activation, it becomes visible to opponents.

  • Position Surveillance Camera at enemy advance locations and protect yourself. In this way, you can locate rivals without risking being shot.
  • In Spyke’s disarm situations, use the Cypher E to gain insight into where your opponents are hiding. Thus, it is possible to pass the information to your team to advance and shoot down the detected enemy.
  • Use the map to your advantage. Place the Surveillance Camera in places where no one usually looks, such as corners and high walls. This way, in addition to making it harder for enemies to destroy your ability, you can identify advances without being noticed.
  • Surveillance Camera has a lot of synergy to be used with Trap Wire. Install the skills to cover two different locations on the map and position yourself in a third place. Thus, Cypher manages to cover three different points, managing to make a defense very effectively.
Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Cypher

Surveillance camera guarantees the sight of a place, even if Cypher is far away. (Image: Valorant)

Wire-Trap (C) – Cost: $ 200

Using this ability, Cypher installs an invisible wire, which creates a line between the target location and the opposite wall. Enemies that cross the wire will be detected and immobilized and, if they do not destroy the device, will suffer a concussion, causing great slowness. Trap Wire can be retracted to be positioned anywhere else on the map.

  • Trap Wire can slow enemies down. Use this skill mechanic to get kills more easily.
  • Position the device at high or low locations, creating a diagonal line with the wall. In this way, it will be more difficult for opponents to detect the ability.
  • Narrow passages and locations are ideal for using Trap Wire, as they inhibit the enemy team from advancing.
  • On the attacker’s side, the ability can have the radar function. Position the device to avoid enemy advances in places opposite to what your team is planning to plant Spyke.
  • After placing Trap Wire, stay tuned to the map. If the device is destroyed, it is possible to know that there are opponents close to the place where the skill was installed.
Valorant: tips on how to play with the character Cypher

Trap Wire costs $ 200. (Image: Valorant)

Neutral Assault (X) – Cost: 7 Ultimate points

The Ultimate skill of Cypher. When you see an enemy being hit on your screen (not necessarily by you), use the ability to reveal the position of all opponents still alive.

  • Don’t delay to use Ultimate on a dead enemy, as the activation time is low.
  • Use the skill in synergy with other allied players. That way, you’ll be able to locate your enemies without exposing yourself unnecessarily.
  • Avoid advances when detecting rivals with the skill. The opponent’s information will be active for a short time, so use the other skills to gain map space and get time for your team to help you.

In general, Cypher does best on the defenders’ side. Use the character in a defensive way, in order to collect information and detect opponent players. When locating rivals, position yourself intelligently, looking for protection on walls, and escape routes to join your teammates, thus having the advantage to shoot and make kills. Good communication with your team, passing on all the information acquired through the use of your skills, is the key to victory.

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