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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Brimstone

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Brimstone



One of the simplest controllers to play for Valorant. Brimstone has a number of skills to grant his allies an advantage. With the stereotype of the typical American guerrilla, Brimstone has in his kit three smoke grenades, an incendiary grenade and even two stimulants for his allies to shoot with greater speed. The agent even had an air strike as his ultimate.

Brimstone is one of Valorant's controllers. (Image: Riot Games)

Brimstone is one of Valorant’s controllers. (Image: Riot Games)

Straight from the United States, Brimstone is one of the safest choices to make for those new to Valorant. Or even in the world of FPS games. Thinking about it, Gaming Net prepared a guide with everything about the agent, from his skills to specific tips for the character.

Skills and tips

Stim Beacon (C): Cost: $ 100 (up to two units)

Brimstone throws a stimulating device on the floor, which increases movement speed. And mainly, shooting at players within the area marked by the flag. The effect is valid for allies and enemies.

Brimstone Stim Beacon skill in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

Brimstone Stim Beacon skill in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

  • Stimulating Beacon is critical to breaking Sage’s ice barrier more quickly. Whenever possible, activate the stimulant and bring down the wall. The faster the wall falls in a round, the less security the enemies will have in Valorant.
  • Watch out for the gun spray when passing the Stimulating Beacon. The firing rate of all weapons goes up considerably under the stimulant and without the proper custom it can be difficult to eliminate opponents.
  • Use the Stimulating Beacon just before starting entry to bombs or pre-marked areas. Thus, you guarantee that your allies will receive the speed buff before the confrontation and not just in the middle.

Incendiary (Q): Cost: $ 300 (one unit)

Brimstone equips an incendiary grenade that burns whoever passes through it, opponents or allies.

Brimstone's Incendiary Ability in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

Brimstone’s Incendiary Ability in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

  • Use the walls to make the incendiary grenade “table” and get to the desired location without exposing yourself. Unlike a CS: GO molotov, for example, Brimstone’s incendiary grenade only starts to burn when it touches the ground. Walls do not explode Incendiary.
  • Currently, the main Brimstone players in the competitive scenario keep the Incendiary to do after planting the spike. There are specific points on all maps so that you can throw yourself at molotov in moments of enemy defuse to prevent them and guarantee the clutch.
  • The Arsonist, like any molotov or damage ability, can be used to clean hidden areas safely. Do you suspect that an enemy is hiding somewhere? Use the skill to confirm.
  • Likewise, if you have information that the enemy is hiding somewhere on the map, use Incendiary to force it to reposition itself and, if it doesn’t, you may end up dying for the ability.
  • Another way to use Incendiary is to stop rushing or to ensure that enemies do not pass the burnt place.

Sky Smoke (E): Cost: $ 100 (up to three units – the first is free)

Brimstone opens the part of the map he is on and places up to three smoke grenades that fall from the sky. The locations are marked with the left mouse button and the grenades are activated with the right button. It is possible to make the three grenades at once.

Brimstone Sky Smoke Skill in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

Brimstone Sky Smoke Skill in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

  • Since Brimstone’s smoke grenades do not “regenerate” like those of Omen, only use all three at once in the event of a quick bomb entry, especially if you are the only character with smokes on your team.
  • If this is the case, always try to be communicative with your team to coordinate the entries in the bombs. Let us know when to make the grenades, which locations have been isolated and which locations have not been isolated.
  • Watch out for enemies hiding in the smoke. Because it is “dense”, unlike the smoke from Omen or Viper, it is more difficult to find enemies when crossing the smoke.

Orbital Strike (X): Cost: seven points of ultimate

Just like using his smokes, Brimstone opens the map to activate a large-scale aerial laser attack. Players within the selected area take constant damage.

Brimstone Orbital Strike Ability in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

Brimstone Orbital Strike Ability in Valorant. (Image: PlayValorant)

  • Orbital attack can be used in beaten locations, those where you are sure the enemy will be. In addition, keep Orbital Attack for use with information only.
  • Confined spaces are great targets because of the difficulty of escaping the Attack. At Bind, Aladdin and Hookah are examples of this, as are Haven’s windows.
  • While not ideal, Orbital Attack can be used to stop rushing on a bombsite. Even if it doesn’t guarantee a kill, Brimstone’s ultimate can buy time for your allies to rotate to help you in Valorant.
  • Be careful when using Orbital Attack to eliminate highly mobile agents like Jett and Raze, for example. They can escape the place easily. Without information that you both used your movement skills, you can spend your ultimate for nothing.

Extra tip against Sage

  • Save Orbital Attack to use when Sage revives an enemy. In this way, you will ensure that both the revived enemy and Sage are eliminated. The exchange of ultimates will be much more favorable for your team than for the enemy team, after all, you will have eliminated two opponents without exposing yourself.

Extra tip against Sova

Use Orbital Attack when you see the Drone Owl Drone. However, make sure where Sova is droning. While on the drone’s screen, Sova is vulnerable and unless he leaves the drone’s screen, he won’t be able to run from the ultimate in Valorant.

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