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Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills



Valorant’s Closed Beta, Riot Games’ FPS, is in full swing around the world. Users research a lot about the skills of the 10 agents that make up the game at this time. Gaming Net listed below the descriptions of all skills, with details, in preview. In addition to the four functions (duelist, initiator, sentinel and controller), they all also have their own nationality.

Breach (initiator, Sweden)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Breach, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Post-Shock (C): Equip a fusion charge. Shoot the charge to arm a slow-acting jet across the wall, which deals high damage to everyone in the area of effect.
  • Flash Point (Q): Equip a blinding load. Shoot the load to set up a quick action on the wall. The charge is detonated, blinding all players looking at it.
  • Tectonic Fault (E): equip a seismic impact. Hold shot to increase the distance. Release to start the earthquake, stunning all players in the zone and in a straight line to it.
  • Spinning Thunder (X): Equip a seismic charge. Shoot to cascade an earthquake across the terrain into a large, dizzying cone and knock down everyone in the area of effect.

Brimstone (controller, United States)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Brimstone, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Stimulating Beacon (C): fire to throw it in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, it will create a field that grants Quick Shot to players.
  • Incendiary (Q): Equip an incendiary grenade launcher. Shoot to launch a grenade that detonates on the ground, generating a zone of fire that damages players inside it.
  • Heavenly Smoke (E): Equip a tactical map. Shoot to mark locations where the clouds of smoke from Brimstone will land. Use secondary firing to confirm, launching long-lasting clouds of smoke that block vision in the selected area.
  • Orbital Attack (X): Equip a tactical map. Shoot to launch a prolonged orbital laser attack at the selected location, dealing a lot of damage over time to players in the selected area.

Cypher (sentinel, Morocco)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Cypher, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Trap Wire (C): Equip a trap wire, shoot to install a hidden and destructible trigger wire at the target location, creating a line between the location and the opposite wall. Enemy players who pass it will be immobilized, revealed and stunned for a brief interval if they do not destroy in time. The ability can be collected to react.
  • Cybernetics Cage (Q): instantly throws the cybernetics cage in front of Cypher. Activate to create a zone that blocks the view and slows down enemies that pass through it.
  • Surveillance Camera (E): Equip a surveillance camera. Shoot to place it at the target location. Repeat the ability to control the view of the camera. While controlling it, shoot to throw a marker dart, which will reveal the location of any player hit.
  • Neural Assault (X): Instantly use an enemy player killed in your crosshairs to reveal the location of all enemy players still alive.

Jett (duelist, South Korea)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Jett, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Eruption of Mists (C): Instantly launches a projectile that expands in a brief cloud that obscures vision by hitting a surface. Hold the skill button to bend the smoke in the direction of your aim.
  • Upward Current (Q): Instantly propels Jett high in the air.
  • Impulse Breeze (E): Instantly propels Jett in her current direction of movement. If stopped, Jett will be propelled forward.
  • Steel Storm (X): Equip a set of highly accurate throwing knives that are reloaded when killing an opponent. Shoot to launch a single knife at the target. Use the secondary shot to throw all the remaining knives at the target.

Omen (controller, unknown origin)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Omen, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Dark Steps (C): Equip an ability to see the range indicator. Shoot to start a short channel and teleport to the marked location. The enemies will only be able to hear the sound emitted from where you leave, but not where to arrive.
  • Paranoia (Q): Instantly emits a dark projectile ahead, briefly reducing the vision range of the players touched. The projectile goes through walls.
  • Dark Cloak (E): Equip a dark orb and see the range indicator. Shoot to launch it at the marked spot, creating a sphere of lasting shadow that blocks the view. Hold the secondary shot while aiming to move the marker away. Hold the skill key while aiming to bring the marker closer.
  • Shadow Jump (X): Equip a tactical map. Shoot to start teleporting to the selected location. While teleporting, Omen will appear as a Shape that can be destroyed by any enemy to cancel the teleport.

Phoenix (duelist, United Kingdom)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Phoenix, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Flare (C): Equip a wall of fire. Shoot to create a line of flame that advances, generating a wall of fire that blocks vision and causes damage to players passing through it. Hold fire to bend it in the direction of the sight.
  • Curved Ball (Q): Equip an orb of flame that advances in a curve and detonates just after launch. Shoot to bend it to the left, detonating and blinding any player who sees the orb. Use the secondary shot to bend it to the right.
  • Warm hands (E): equip a fireball, shoot to throw the fireball, which explodes after a break or when it hits the ground, creating a lasting zone of fire that causes damage to enemies.
  • Rebirth (X): Instantly places a marker at Phoenix’s location, with the skill active. Dying or letting time run out will end the skill and bring Phoenix back to the marked place with full life.

Raze (duelist, Brazil)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Raze, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Bumba (C): equip a bumba, shoot to launch the robot, which advances in a straight line on the floor, bouncing off the walls. Bumba crashes when it detects enemies in the front cone and chases them by exploding and dealing heavy damage if it reaches them.
  • Explosive Charge (Q): Instantly throws a charge of explosives that sticks to surfaces. Reuse the ability after installing to detonate, dealing damage and moving everything hit.
  • Ink Cartridges (E): Equip a multiple grenade, fire to throw the grenade, which causes damage and creates submunitions, each causing damage to anyone in range.
  • Spoils-Pleaser (X): equip a missile launcher. Fire a rocket that does devastating damage in the area when making contact with anything.

Sage (sentry, China)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Sage, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Barrier Orb (C): Equip a barrier orb and shoot to position a solid wall. Secondary mode rotates the target marker.
  • Slow orb (Q): Equip a slow orb, shoot to launch it. The orb detonates when it lands, creating a long-lasting field that slows down players inside it.
  • Healing Orb (E): Equip a Healing Orb, aim with a wounded ally to activate a healing over time. Use secondary fire while Sage is injured to activate self-healing over time.
  • Resurrection (X): Equip a resurrection ability, fire on a dead ally to start reviving it. After a brief channeling, the ally will return with a full life.

Sova (initiator, Russia)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Sova, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Owl Drone (C): Equip an owl drone, fire to trigger and pilot it. While the pilot is flying, shoot to throw a dart. They reveal the location of any affected players.
  • Shock Arrow (Q): Equip a bow with a shock arrow, shoot to launch the arrow that explodes on impact, causing damage to nearby players. Hold firing to extend the projectile’s range. Use the secondary shot to add up to two bounces to the arrow.
  • Tracking Arrow (E): Equip a bow with a reconnaissance arrow, shoot to launch the arrow that is activated by impact and reveals the location of any enemies near your line of sight. Enemies can destroy it. Safe shot to extend the range of the projectile, use the secondary shot to add up to two ricochets to the arrow.
  • Hunter’s Fury (X): Equip a bow with three long-range shots that pierce walls. Shoot to shoot a beam of energy at Sova, dealing damage and revealing the location of enemies in the line. The skill can be repeated up to two more times while the skill timer is active.

Viper (parent company, United States)

Valorant: meet the 10 characters and their skills

Viper, Valorant agent. (Image: Valorant)

  • Snake Venom (C): Equip a chemical launcher, fire to launch a cylinder that breaks when it hits the ground, generating a long-lasting chemical zone that causes damage and slows down enemies.
  • Poison Cloud (Q): equip a gas emitter, fire to play the emitter that persists until the end of the round. Repeat to create a cloud of toxic gas that drains fuel. The ability can be repeated more than once and can be picked up to be repositioned.
  • Toxic Curtain (E): Equip a gas emitter launcher, fire to launch a long line of gas emitters, repeat the ability to create a high wall of toxic gas that drains fuel. The skill can be repeated more than once.
  • Venomous Pit (X): Equip a chemical spray bottle and fire to spray a chemical cloud in all directions around Viper, creating a large cloud that reduces the players’ view range and maximum life inside it.
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Brazilian, 23 years old, I follow eSports since 2010 with a good experience in Counter Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite, Free Fire and League of Legends with articles and news published in the electronic sports scene.


Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result



Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 3 had the third qualifier this weekend, after 9 hours of play per region. In the three qualifiers we saw some familiar faces leading the leaderboards. Some of the usual suspects include DreamHack Online Open Champions Liquid STRETCH and 100T Arkhram. With US$ 5 million at stake, the decisive moment is now for those who have not yet qualified.

Only one more qualifier remains to be played soon. The top 50 in Europe, NA East, NA West and Brazil will guarantee a place in stage two. Asia, the Middle East and Oceania produce 25 qualifiers in each tournament. Check the results to see who will be in stage two so far.


The Russian Toose da Gambit took first place in Europe with 55 points. Of the six games played, he won two with a total of 18 eliminations. This victory was remarkable for him, it was his first in that Chapter 2 Season 3 and his second consecutive qualification. Toose will work on the Grand Finals at the FNCS Qualifier final.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Europe’s Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

In second place, Frenchman MCES Xsweeze finished one point behind Toose. Even without a Victory Royale, the 21 eliminations made Xsweeze the classification. He secured a spot in the heat and added $ 4,200 to his career earnings. Other notables that made it into the top 50 include E11 TaySon, NRG benjyfishy, ​​XL Wolfiez and several others.

NA East

Pure Deyy was always well ranked but the first qualifier win came this weekend. In six matches, Deyy managed to win the Victory Royale with a total of 14 eliminations. The 49 points earned made him reach first place. That result came just weeks after Deyy played well at DreamHack Open. Keep an eye on Deyy as he continues his upward trend.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

NA East Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

urious finished the third qualifier in second place. He matched Deyy with a Victory Royale and still got more eliminations than the winner. However, he dropped a few points before taking first place. Furious remains constant in Fortnite for several seasons. Former TSM player Reverse2k completed the top three, also with 47 points. All 50 players listed above will appear on stage two.

NA West

Once again, 100Thieves Arkhram dominated NA West. This time, Arkhram crushed the entire region with 77 points from six matches, including two Victory Royales and 23 eliminations. The young man did not seem to slow down after winning the DreamHack Online Open a few weeks ago. Arkhram has his eyes set on his second FNCS Championship.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

NA West Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

PZUHS came close behind with 66 points. Made 17 kills with a Victory Royale. The highlight of NA West closed with 62 points. Some other notable names in the top 50 include DreamHack Online Open Champion 4DRStorm, NRG EpikWhale and XTRA verT.


There was a battle of two Argentine players in the FNCS Qualifier do Brasil. The king featured at the Fortnite World Cup led the field towards the final game. However, Argentine compatriot 9z Rustyk won the penultimate match of the tournament, which helped seal the deal. Rustyk won 71 points from two Victory Royales with 21 eliminations. He has already qualified three times for the second round.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Brazil Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

King was behind him with 64 points. Even with a great performance, he failed to exceed 70 points. After winning the second round, king is preparing to be one of Brazil’s favorites. Another Brazilian star in Pulga completed the top three with 54 points.


Tyraxe won first place in Oceania and won his second consecutive qualification in the second stage. With 20 kills, he failed to win any Victory Royale. He will enter qualifiers with the other OCE players, Movrickz and PRM jhk, who both finished with 58 points. One of Oceania’s best volx players won his third consecutive qualification.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Oceania Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)


RIFFEX won the third Asian FNCS Qualifier with 58 points. A mix of consistency, a Victory Royale and 12 eliminations earned the Asian player his first qualification for the second round. He and the 24 others listed above will fight for a position in the Grand Finals in a few weeks.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Asia Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

Middle East

The Cash Cup Warrior’s 72 points finished just behind NA West’s Arkhram with the most points during the third round. He dominated the finals with two Victory Royales and 20 eliminations. He and several other talented professionals from the Middle East will meet in action, hoping to reach the Grand Finals.

Fortnite: FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 result

Middle East Top 10 FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier. (Image: Fortnite Tracker)

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TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news



TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

TeamFight Tactics (TFT) received patch 10.16 on Wednesday (5). The update brought some news and added a new galaxy that promises to impact the style of play. With that in mind, Gaming Net selected the strongest compositions for the updated TFT Set 3. Strong compositions have not undergone so many changes and some may appear as alternatives in this Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16.

TFT is an Auto Chess game from Riot Games. The title is available in a mobile version for download on Android and iPhone phones (iOS) and as a game mode in League of Legends (LoL) for PC.

Rebel Blademaster

Champions: Shen, Yasuo, Zed, Yi, Fizz, Irelia and Riven.

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

Master Yi is one of the strongest characters of Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16. (Image: Riot Games)

This composition appears as one of the best for some patches. The idea is to have many champions who can do damage, with Master Yi as the main one. Seeking to maximize the power of Shen, Yasuo, Zed and Yi, the strategy requires patience to reach greater potential.


  • Start the game by focusing on champions who are master of blades and infiltrators, such as Nocturne, Fiora, Shen, Zed, Yasuo and Master Yi.
  • Use the “Slow Roll” tactic on level 7. This strategy consists of accumulating money and spending the excess after reaching 50 gold until you reach Zed, Shen, Yasuo and Master Yi at the maximum level.
  • The items needed to maximize the characters’ damage come from the recurve bow. Get at least three of them to ensure greater efficiency in Master Yi. Steaming Cannon, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Mercury and Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury are the best items for the champion.
  • Zed is one of the best champions of this composition, but he needs to have the blade master feature activated. Focus on getting a spatula as soon as possible and, in the new patch, a GPC Sword to get the Destroyed King’s Sword.
  • Remember to always place the three rebels together so that they gain the shield of the rebel feature, which was improved in this update.
  • Riven, Ireilia and Fizz are strong champions in their own right. Riven comes in to provide the time characteristic buff for the entire team. Meanwhile, Fizz has a lot of group control and is an infiltrator, just like Zed. Irelia comes in as the sixth blade master for being a strong character.

Sniper Astronauts

Champions: Caitlyn, Nautilus, Ashe, Gnar, Jhin, Teemo, Wukong and Lulu / Karma.

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

Teemo is one of the damage carriers of the composition. (Image: Riot Games)

In this Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16, Sniper champions do more damage from distance to opponents. Meanwhile, astronauts have reduced their mana cost to 30 when they are together. In addition, this is a composition with immense group control, has a resistant front line and causes enormous damage.


  • Being a composition with two magazines with different damage, a physical and a magician, it is good to pay attention to the items at the beginning of the game. If you get Tears of the Goddess, Needlessly Large Rod and GPC Sword, you have a call to make this composition.
  • Get Caitlyn two stars as soon as possible. As he is a strong champion at the beginning of the game, there is a chance to win some duels and maintain hit points.
  • Always have two Vanguards on the field. The Mordekaiser can be useful for being a Black Star and activating the trait once you get Jhin.
  • Reaching level 8 is essential as it contains four characters of cost 4, such as Jhin, Teemo, Gnar and Wukong. The chances of getting these champions increase from 15% to 25% from level 7 to 8.
  • Positioning is paramount. Knowing where to place the characters on the platform to increase the damage done and the distribution of group control caused by Gnar, Ashe, Teemo and Nautilus is necessary. Place the Snipers at the ends. Watch out if the enemy has Blitzcrank or the Zephyr item.
  • At level 9, having two Mystics can be very useful. To increase protection for Jhin, Karma and Lulu alongside him can be good champions. Karma is Black Star and Lulu is Celestial. Both will be activated because they already have Ashe and Jhin in the field.

Master of the Golden Blades

Champions: Fiora, Jarvan, Xayah, Rakan, Shen, Master Yi, Irelia and Riven.

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

Fiora is part of the composition strategy. (Image: Riot Games)

The synergy achieved at the beginning of the game with three Blade Masters, two Temporal and the attack speed promoted by Jarvan’s skill, this composition presents a good start to the game. Seeking to activate the feature with six Blade Masters and a powerful frontline, this composition does a lot of damage.


  • With a focus on achieving the greatest number of tier 1 three-star champions, adopt the “hyperroll” tactic, which consists of accumulating gold and spending it all one round before reaching level five. Search for Xayah, Fiora and Jarvan.
  • Taken as the composition of the “three critics”, for requiring three Boxer Gloves, the items in the finals of Xayah are Last Whisper, Edge of Infinity and Mercury. With the best in Statikk Knife, it is an item that can be useful in the damage loader.
  • Strengthen your Jarvan so that he stays longer and can give Xayah more attack speed. The positioning of the characters of the two characters, being close to each other, is essential.
  • When you get the six Blade Masters, Riven is one of the most important for granting Temporal to the whole team, as you will already have Shen.
  • Always keep in mind to change the composition if you don’t get the six Blade Masters, being able to use four Celestial, with Lulu and Ashe. In addition to exchanging Riven for Caitlyn.

Demolishing Rebels

Champions: Malphite, Ziggs, Blitzcrank, Yasuo, Ezreal, Yi, Jinx, Aurelion Sol and Gangplank.

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

When you activate your ability, Jinx does a lot of damage. (Image: Riot Games)

With a focus on keeping Jinx alive, this composition seeks to have a good position and a front line capable of waiting for the activation of the champion’s ability. With Gangplank or Aurelion Sol as possible loaders, the comp has a good distribution between physical and magical damage. Blitzcrank and Ezreal will activate Temporal and Fighter, in addition to the first bringing the element of surprise to the team.


  • If you start with items like the Red Effect, try to get characters like Lucian and Graves, as well as Malphite and Blitz. If you get a Rabadon Deathcap, an alternative is to drop it off at Ziggs in the beginning.
  • The transition is made from the moment you get Jinx, but always keeping two detonators together.
  • Your main loader is Jinx, make items like Giant Kills, Red Effect, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge and Mortal Blade to do more damage and Guardian Angel to protect yourself.
  • Blitzcrank near Jinx can be useful. The champion’s ability is activated after she kills two enemies. With the initial pull of Blitz, Jinx can start distributing damage more quickly.
  • Gangplank adds the Daredevil deal along with Ziggs. With the right items, the Space Pirate is able to deal a lot of damage and group control. Guardian Angel, Ionic Spark and Rabadon’s Deathcap are the items to survive to the point of using your ability.
  • Position the rebels always together, with Jinx at the center. At the start of the fight, Rebels gain a shield for each adjacent rebel. The shield was buffed in the current patch.


Champions: Fiora, Leona, Shen, Vayne, Vi, Irelia, Ekko and Thresh.

TFT: Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16 news

With Ekko, cybernetics remain at the finish line. (Image: Riot Games)

With low cost champions such as Leona, Fiora and Lucian, the beginning of the Cybernetic game can be very strong. Along with the ease of finding champions, the feature gains life and attack damage when equipping only one item. With the possibility of a game start with detonators, passing through Snipers and ending with the help of Masters of Blades, the composition ends up being versatile. In the Treasure Chest galaxy, the composition gets even stronger in this Teamfight Tatics patch 10.16.


  • The beginning of the Cybernetics game is very strong. Search for Leona, Fiora and Lucian. If you get many items, distribute them among the three, but focusing on the damage items on Lucian. He will be your loader at the start of the game. Red effect is a great item if you get another Detonator.
  • After the addition of Vayne it was easier to get six Cybernetics, but don’t stick to that. Try as many synergies as possible, as your two carriers will be Irelia and Ekko and they will be slow to arrive.
  • Vi always uses her skill on the champion furthest from her. Position it to reach a target that could be problematic for your team.
  • Transition the team as soon as you get Irelia. If you have Shen or Riven, you will be able to activate Blademaster, making it stronger. In addition to these, Thresh is important to activate Manamante and Temporal.
  • Positioning is key. Upon obtaining Ekko, he will jump on the enemy. Get a spot for him to hit the most powerful opponent. Irelia with active Manamante can also unbalance a round.
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David Vinokurov, President & CEO at FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp – Interview Series

David Vinokurov, President & CEO at FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp - Interview Series



David Vinokurov, President & CEO at FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp - Interview Series

David Vinokurov,  is the President & CEO at FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp, an esports betting platform.

What is the Fandom Esports Platform?

The Fandom Esports Platform is an agnostic platform that allows esports viewers to “play along” with their favorite esports team during tournaments by making predictions in real-time as to what the pros will be doing during live gameplay either through a mobile device or embedded with any streaming platform.  Furthermore, if the players are in a licensed jurisdiction and of age they will be able to wager real money on those in-game outcomes.

What was the inspiration behind launching this network?

We saw an opportunity to develop an agnostic mobile-friendly platform that accentuated incumbent streaming platforms.  Our model is complementary to existing industry players and most importantly does not seek to remove users from a base. Our goal is to increase the stickiness of the viewing audience through hyper-gamification and increased engagement with a variety of esports regardless of the platform it is viewed on.

How big is the Esports betting industry?

In 2019, the esports wagering industry was forecast to reach USD $3billion in 2022.  Due to COVID-19, that goal has so far been reached this year.  With the absence of sports in key markets continuing at the moment, the long term potential of esports wagering is immense.  Keep in mind that Fandom has both an all-ages user aggregation model and the wagering model.  We believe that our unique proposition and technology will allow us to disrupt both verticals we are entering.

What jurisdiction are the gaming licenses held in and which licenses are held?

We have just applied for the Curacao gaming license.  We are evaluating other jurisdictions as we speak with the end goal of being able to accept wagers anywhere in the world it is legal.

What blockchain is currently being used and what are the advantages of that blockchain versus EOS, Ethereum, etc.?

We are currently using the Blaze blockchain protocol which allows for 50,000 microtransactions per second.  The advantage is the speed and cost of transactions we can enjoy relative to the competing platforms.

Which esports will players be able to bet on?

League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, hearthstone, Overwatch, Supersmash Bros, Heroes of the Storm, World of War Craft, Smite, Call of Duty, Starcraft, King Of Glory, PUBG plus more to come.

What types of bets will players be able to place?

They will be able to make wagers on in-game action, game outcomes, and other proprietary decisions that our system will generate.

Will FANCOINS be introduced to regular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance for players to cash out or will it live exclusively on the Fandom Esports Network?

No. FanCoins are an in-game currency.

Fandom Sports has recently signed a letter of intent with the Esportz Network. Could you discuss this partnership?

Esportz network will be providing Fandom Esports platform with content from more than 90 Esports journalists globally who will be reporting on all things Esports relating to games, tournaments, teams and players.

What’s next on the agenda for Fandom Esports Platform?

Fandom is working with several potential partners for integrations that would allow their userbases to interact with game content in a whole new way.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about Fandom Esports Network?

Fandom Sports is a publicly-traded company.

We trade in Canada: CSE-FDM, in the USA: OTCQB-FDMSF and in Frankfurt: TQ43.

Thank you for the interview, readers who wish to learn more should visit FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp.

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