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Valorant LOCK/IN: Details, Schedule & Prize Pool



Valorant has officially launched its first-ever franchised league. Here's everything you need to know about it.

What Is Valorant LOCK/IN?

Valorant LOCK/IN is a global tournament that pits 32 partnered teams against one another over a series of best-of-three matches that span from February 13th to March 4th. True to the typical Esports fashion, a prize pool of $500,000 stands on the line, and as each team either progresses or rolls out, takes a cut out of that very fund. This year, in specific, the best team will waltz away with $100,000 in winnings, whereas the losing team will take a significantly smaller cut.

The LOCK/IN event will be divided into three time slots: Feb. 13 to Feb. 19, which will see the Alpha matches played out in a best-of-three format; Feb. 22 to Feb. 27, which will see the Omega matches played out in a similar best-of-three format; and Mar. 2 to Mar. 4, which will culminate in a semi and grand final, consisting of best-of-five matches with the final standing teams.

There will be seven maps in LOCK/IN: Ascent, Fracture, Haven, Icebox, Lotus, Pearl, and Split.


Alpha Matches

  • Feb. 13 to Feb. 15 — Round of 32
  • Feb. 17 to Feb. 18 — Round of 16
  • Feb. 19 — Quarter-finals

Omega Matches

  • Feb. 22 to Feb. 24 — Round of 32
  • Feb. 25 to Feb. 26 — Round of 16
  • Feb. 27 — Quarter-finals


  • March 2 to 3 — Semi-finals
  • March 4 — Grand final

Prize Pool

In 2023, the prize pool will amount to $500,000 in total winnings. As per the rules, the highest ranking team that conquers the remaining opponents will stroll away with the highest bracket (that being $100,000), whereas both the runner-ups and losing teams will receive a smaller amount for simply competing. Here's what the top teams can expect to see after the LOCK/IN event has drawn its last curtain:


Where to Watch Valorant LOCK/IN

Fortunately for those located outside of São Paolo, Brazil, Riot Games will be hosting its very own Twitch and YouTube stream, which of course means you needn't worry about missing out on any of the action. If you are interested in attending the live event, however, then you can purchase tickets via Ticket360 here.

If, by chance, you haven't found what you're looking for on LOCK/IN, then you could always follow the official social feed here for more information.


So, will you be tuning in to LOCK/IN at any point this year? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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