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Valorant: Check Out All The News From Act III

Valorant: Check Out All The News From Act III



Riot Games took the community by surprise on Wednesday. It revealed several new features that will arrive in Act 3 of Valorant. Among them the new character. Despite not having the name revealed, it was presented to the players. In addition to appearance, the developer also revealed that the new agent will be available on October 27, shortly after the arrival of the new act.

The new Valorant agent will be available on October 27th. (Riot Games)

The new Valorant agent will be available on October 27th. (Riot Games)

It is the second of the big surprises presented by Riot this week. Last Tuesday, the developer took everyone by surprise when presenting the Icebox, a new map that will be part of the game. However, Riot herself confessed that for the new map to arrive as quickly as possible, she had to postpone the launch of the new agent for two weeks.

Icebox – New Map

Riot unveiled the new Valorant map on Tuesday. Icebox is the fifth FPS scenario from the League of Legends developer. It will reach players along with Act III. The new season of the game, scheduled to start on October 13. The official reveal video shows areas covered by snow and rappel ropes. He says that in addition to the opponents, players will need to face the tundra, vegetation characteristic of icy areas.

Enter the Icebox // Map Reveal - VALORANT

Riot stated that, to bring Icebox now, it was necessary to postpone the launch of the new agent for two weeks after the beginning of Act 3. The public wants Icebox very much. Postponing the release of the new agent will help us better deal with any issues that may arise with the release of update 1.10.

Icebox is the new Valorant map. (Riot Games)

Icebox is the new Valorant map. (Riot Games)

As mentioned above, the Icebox can be played from next week, on October 13th. This is only for matches without classification. However, it will be available in the competitive only at the end of the month. According to Riot, Icebox will be ranked only on the 27th, the same day that the new agent will arrive on the servers.

Competitive changes

The big change will be in how the game queue will find players for ranked matches. In Act 3, the queue will find players with three different ranks. This means that, in a competitive match, a player on Platinum 3 will only play with people who are between Diamond 3 and Gold 3. The change is intended to prevent large ranking disparities from being formed. Thus, creating an imbalance in the matches.

Still on the rankings, the players above the immortal rank will have their position defined solely by victories and defeats. A novelty will also be the possibility to choose the player’s preferred server. Although it is not a guarantee that each one will play on the chosen server due to match management.

Valorant ranked matches will change. (Image: Riot Games)

Valorant ranked matches will change. (Image: Riot Games)

It was implied in the developers’ video that there are other changes to the ranked queues. But that will be revealed and implemented in the future. Act 3 will be used for testing for the entry of Episode 2 of the game, which should arrive in the beginning of 2021. Among the news planned for the episode, highlighting the possibility of viewing the rankings score, similar to what occurs in League of Legends (LoL). Where the top of the ranking on a server can be viewed by everyone.

  • Update the Act Rank Badge with the next Competitive Act;
  • Limited queue ranks from 6 to 3 tiers, funneling match management;
  • Select your preferred server and improve your ping;
  • Rank changes in the Immortal or higher tiers will be decided 100% by wins and losses.

Battle pass and new skins

Finally, Riot revealed news about Valorant’s battle pass. In the publication made on the official FPS blog, they revealed that there was a renewal in the progress of the weekly missions. With that, players will be able to enable content faster. Another change was due to more levels in the Epilogue.

Mysterious image about Valorant update released by the developer. (Image: Riot Games)

Mysterious image about Valorant update released by the developer. (Image: Riot Games)

Despite being a mystery, the developer hinted that there will be missions involving the players’ aiming skills. In other words, “accumulating heads” will make players gain more experience and guarantee exclusive rewards from Act 3. As a weapon keychain “Gelinho, Seu Amiguinho”, in addition to a player card and spray.

Closing the presentation of the news, Riot will also launch the Singularidade skin. Available next Tuesday (13), it will be available for some weapons. Among them are Phantom, Shereiff, Specter, Ares and Confronto. The value of the package has not been revealed by the developer nor whether it will be available in the battle pass.

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