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YouTuber Valkyrae To Take A Long Break



valkyrae is taking a break

Popular streamers and YouTuber Valkyrae has announced that she will be going on a long break. In her recent stream, she made this announcement right at the start. Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter informed her viewers, “I’m gonna be gone for a while.” The creator then went to confirm that she will be joining the OfflineTV Japan trip.

Valkyrae, the most-watched female streamer, would be taking a break from streaming. The reason for this hiatus is the upcoming Japan trip with the OfflineTV crew. Rae excitedly told her viewers that her tickets were confirmed. She said, “I heard Scarra talked about it already so I can talk about it. It’s official. Got my tickets.”

Here’s the entire stream:

🔴LIVE! FALL GUYS then valo with sykkuno, peter, abe and wendy!

OfflineTV, often shortened as OTV, is a group of content creators. OTV has popular streamers like Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Scarra, LilyPichu, and more. Co-founded by Pokimane and Scarra, the group became popular after playing League of Legends. It’s one of the famous content creation groups that produces gaming content as well as vlogs.

Rae is not a member of the OTV group. However, she is friends with several OTV members and streams with them frequently (just like Sykkuno).

Scarra Announced the Japan Trip Last Week

Last week, popular streamer and former LoL player Scarra, announced that OfflineTV will be taking a second trip to Japan. The OTV co-founder confirmed that the group will be touring Japan for a week sometime next month. This was an unofficial trip, and the streamer wasn’t allowed to reveal details.

During the announcement, Scarra said, “OTV will be going to Japan next month. We’ll have a more official announcement with all the people going, but I can officially say, it’ll be one of the few things that we’re going to be doing.” You can watch Scarra’s stream here on Twitch.

Apart from this Japan tour, it looks like Valkyrae has some more plans. In the same stream, Rae hinted toward more trips. She said, “There’s more. Right after Japan, I can’t really say where exactly, but I’m going somewhere else right after. I will announce where and with who, when I am able to, but it was kinda confirmed today, so literally right when the Japan trip is over, I am going to this other location.”

It looks like Rae will be taking a long break from her regular content.

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