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Unexpected Winners Of Fortnite Winter Royale

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Fortnite Winter Royale Artwork


The Fortnite Winter Royale has just finished this Sunday and has given us new rising stars. This was a 3-day tournament duo competition with a prize pool of $15 million. It went from 20 to 22nd December.

Fortnite Winter Royale was a direct follow-up of the massive Fortnite World Cup that took place at the end of the July. A big prize surely motivated a lot of players to join and save up some money for the holidays. Although we had some favorites, it turns out that none of them climbed to the top.


Fortnite Winter Royale

Only the best duos could participate in the Winter Royale

Fortnite Winter Royale featured the best players from 7 regions: NA West, NA East, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Oceania, and the Middle East. They all had the ability to win the same amount of money for the first place – $9000. Although the event went for 3 days, it was comprised of 3 separate tournaments, so we have multiple winners in every region.


NA East Winter Royale Was The Most Popular

Many fans were focused on the NA East region, which had plenty of popular Fortnite players such ash Kyle ‘Bugha' Giersdorf, Turner ‘Tfue' Tenney, and a massive Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja' Blevins. However, thanks to the fierce competition, no one of them managed to secure the first place.

Instead, the first day was won by FaZe Diggy and Marz, who scored 146 points. However, as it is usually the case, they couldn't secure their spot on Day 2, when Kreo and Buck dominated everyone. Innocents and Ajerss managed to win on the 3rd day after finishing 2nd on the Friday. Each of them took the prize of $9000.


Winners of Fortnite Winter Royale Day 1


In the meantime, Saevid and Scolly dominated the first day of the European event with a 22 point advantage. PodaSai and Orkh from the MCES won on the second day, after a close race against Ditrxx and Rezon Ay. Lastly, Virsuh and Prizmhy dominated on the third day.

Fortnite Winter Royale Day 2: Europe

MCES managed to secure first place on Day 2 Winter Royale in Europe

NA West event was completely dominated by Thomuss_ & wavyjacob duo, who won the first two days in a row, which is really hard to accomplish. Maken1x and Frapai II secured their $ 9000 on the last day.

Remaining Winners


Day 1 KBR and Roboto

Day 2 C9 Nicks and Master

Day 3 Nothing and Clipnode



Day 1 Goboz and Worthy

Day 2 Link and Slaya

Day 3 Kquid and Caryion


Middle East

Day 1 Souriano and Snow

Day 2 POWER Rv and POWER Nm7

Day 3 POWER Yonx and POWER FHD



Day 1 Favs and Slays

Day 2 No.1 and WR.Rialy4k

Day 3 CR RizArt and CR Ruri 82


If you are interested in seeing the more in-depth list, you can find it here.

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