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Unexpected Winners Of Fortnite Winter Royale

Unexpected Winners Of Fortnite Winter Royale



Fortnite Winter Royale Artwork


The Fortnite Winter Royale has just finished this Sunday and has given us new rising stars. This was a 3-day tournament duo competition with a prize pool of $15 million. It went from 20 to 22nd December.

Fortnite Winter Royale was a direct follow-up of the massive Fortnite World Cup that took place at the end of the July. A big prize surely motivated a lot of players to join and save up some money for the holidays. Although we had some favorites, it turns out that none of them climbed to the top.


Fortnite Winter Royale

Only the best duos could participate in the Winter Royale

Fortnite Winter Royale featured the best players from 7 regions: NA West, NA East, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Oceania, and the Middle East. They all had the ability to win the same amount of money for the first place – $9000. Although the event went for 3 days, it was comprised of 3 separate tournaments, so we have multiple winners in every region.


NA East Winter Royale Was The Most Popular

Many fans were focused on the NA East region, which had plenty of popular Fortnite players such ash Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, and a massive Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. However, thanks to the fierce competition, no one of them managed to secure the first place.

Instead, the first day was won by FaZe Diggy and Marz, who scored 146 points. However, as it is usually the case, they couldn’t secure their spot on Day 2, when Kreo and Buck dominated everyone. Innocents and Ajerss managed to win on the 3rd day after finishing 2nd on the Friday. Each of them took the prize of $9000.


Winners of Fortnite Winter Royale Day 1


In the meantime, Saevid and Scolly dominated the first day of the European event with a 22 point advantage. PodaSai and Orkh from the MCES won on the second day, after a close race against Ditrxx and Rezon Ay. Lastly, Virsuh and Prizmhy dominated on the third day.

Fortnite Winter Royale Day 2: Europe

MCES managed to secure first place on Day 2 Winter Royale in Europe

NA West event was completely dominated by Thomuss_ & wavyjacob duo, who won the first two days in a row, which is really hard to accomplish. Maken1x and Frapai II secured their $ 9000 on the last day.

Remaining Winners


Day 1 KBR and Roboto

Day 2 C9 Nicks and Master

Day 3 Nothing and Clipnode



Day 1 Goboz and Worthy

Day 2 Link and Slaya

Day 3 Kquid and Caryion


Middle East

Day 1 Souriano and Snow

Day 2 POWER Rv and POWER Nm7

Day 3 POWER Yonx and POWER FHD



Day 1 Favs and Slays

Day 2 No.1 and WR.Rialy4k

Day 3 CR RizArt and CR Ruri 82


If you are interested in seeing the more in-depth list, you can find it here.

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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.


CS:GO – news about IEM Katowice 2020

CS:GO - news about IEM Katowice 2020



The group phase of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament, ended on Thursday (27). Only six teams remain in contention for the title and the $ 250,000 prize. Check below some of the highlights of this first phase of IEM Katowice 2020 and the confrontations already defined in the playoffs.

The playoff phase of IEM Katowice, the playoffs, started today Friday (28) with the quarterfinals and continues until Sunday (1), when the grand final of the competition takes place. The organization of the event informed that the stage of the tournament will be closed to the public due to the Coronavirus.

Fall of the FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan, for Group A, came closer to the classification. After losing to Natus Vincere in the debut, the coldzera team woke up in the competition and beat Renegades and Team Vitality to reach the final of their group’s Lower Bracket. The decisive confrontation was a rematch against the same Na’Vi, but, after a balanced duel, FaZe was defeated 2-1 in the best series of three matches (MD3) and bid farewell to IEM Katowice.

CS:GO - news about IEM Katowice 2020

FaZe Clan, from coldzera, hit the post and did not advance at IEM Katowice 2020. (Image: ESL)


Current leader of the HLTV ranking, Astralis arrived at IEM Katowice 2020 after a terrible performance at BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020, where she ended up eliminated without a single victory. The disastrous campaign did not shake the Danish team, which again showed in Katowice the reason for being considered one of the best in the history of CS: GO. His classification came unbeaten and without losing a single map throughout his campaign in the group stage. The last victim was Fnatic, who even showed some reaction power, but not enough to prevent another 2-0 victory for Astralis.

CS:GO - news about IEM Katowice 2020

Astralis went through the group stage of IEM Katowice 2020 unbeaten. (Image: ESL)

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut out of the playoffs

Team Vitality, by Frenchman Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, elected best in the world in 2019, failed to qualify for the knockout at IEM Katowice 2020. The French team’s campaign was summed up in a victory against Ninjas in Pajamas in their debut and two defeats, one for Astralis and one for FaZe Clan. Despite the elimination, ZywOo’s individual performance drew attention, especially in the confrontation against FaZe. At the end of the series, won 2-1 by FaZe, the Frenchman accumulated a total of 72 kills, only 47 deaths and a Rating of 1.44. Unfortunately, his teammates were not on a great day, which ended up eliminating Vitality from the competition.

CS:GO - news about IEM Katowice 2020

ZywOo’s great performance was not enough to guarantee Vitality in the IEM Katowice 2020 playoffs. (Image: ESL)

Against the coronavirus, playoffs will not cheer

The playoffs of IEM Katowice 2020 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are being played without cheering as a precaution against the threat of the coronavirus. Permission to hold the event in the presence of fans has been revoked by Silesian Governor Jarosław Wieczorek. The information was released on Thursday through social networks.

The determination came even without any case related to Covid-19 having been confirmed in Poland. Known for being one of the most lively fans of the international CS: GO scene, Poles who bought tickets will be able to receive the money invested.

– We have been informed that our license for mass events for IEM Katowice has been revoked. Until then, we had a legally binding decision that allowed us to organize the event, which has been reconfirmed several times in the past few days. The last time the decision was confirmed was several hours ago. The governor of Silesia (Silesian Voivodeship), Jaroslaw Wieczorek, issued a decision to remove his approval of the ESL hosting a mass event in Katowice, Poland. Due to this development, the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 will not have an audience on site – said the ESL statement.

– ESL respects this decision by local authorities and is currently working to reach out to all ticket holders, guests and the media. Tickets will be fully refunded. The tournament will be conducted and broadcast as planned, but with no additional visitors on site. We deeply regret all fans and players – the statement closes.


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Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise



A few months of improvement in the development and polishing of a game can really make all the difference. And Resident Evil: Resistance fits this picture perfectly. When it was announced as Project Resistance, the asymmetric multiplayer did not have much appeal, as it did not offer a great differential for the genre, except, the weight of carrying the name of the Resident Evil series.

The most fun moment of the whole experience, certainly, was taking control of Mastermind; the great villain behind the “Mortal Games” that were happening on the stage. After all, Resistance has this plot briefly: 4 players would assume the role of Survivors, being necessary to work together and use their unique skills to solve puzzles. The ultimate goal was to reach the last stage of the labyrinth and escape, ensuring survival.

All of this while defending against the traps, monsters and snares of Mastermind. Whoever takes this role in the game has the power to control the entire environment through surveillance cameras and, of course, needs to make the life of the Survivors a hell, using their villainous deck for this.

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

The aim of the mode was to reach the last stage of the maze and escape, ensuring survival. (Image: Capcom)

The imbalance in gameplay and difficulty, however, gave the impression that the game could be improved, not only in these aspects, but also with more intuitive mechanics. The new demo offered new features, such as the addition of new characters on both the Survivors and Masterminds sides; of course, different maps to play cat and mouse. In addition, the difficulty seems to have been balanced.

And what does it mean? Simple: that Mastermind can now fail. The feeling in the first version of Resistance tests passed was that it would be impossible for the Survivors to win. In the new build this feeling no longer exists: everything is a little more balanced for both sides. In practice, the difference was manifested when the Mastermind deck started to take a little longer to supply monster cards, for example – at least two first perimeters of each map.

If the Survivors reach the third and last stage of the map, Mastermind is conceived of an advantage so that it can reverse the situation. An example is the special card, which activates each villain’s unique monster.

The counter has also been improved. Survivors save time when performing stage tasks, helping each other or when killing monsters. Mastermind manages to shorten the good guys’ lifespan by damaging them or eliminating them. The more obstacles the villain can distribute on the map, the greater the chances of winning. The amount of time allocated or eliminated was more honest this time.

It is also worth noting that in a closed and controlled environment, with easy contact with other Survivors players, the experience was much more fun. And by playing Resistance again in that context, it was possible to understand three things.

Resident Evil Resistance: the best multiplayer in the franchise

Mastermind manages to shorten the good guys’ lifespan by damaging them or eliminating them. (Image: Capcom)

The first is that communication is paramount to survival. If the Survivors do not communicate, it will be practically impossible to get through the three stages of the phases, or even achieve the objectives in each of the rooms. It is necessary to help, help, open fire and search, all in due time. And these steps are decided with a good conversation between the team, precisely.

The second thing is that Capcom is still working on the game. The graphic improvements are visible, the gameplay seems even lighter and the new content (be it characters, scenarios, skills or customizable attributes) helps to expand the possibilities of fun and, mainly, time within the game.

The third lesson is that the new characters make all the difference and knowing how to use the special skills (Personal Skills and Fever Skills) of all six Survivors is essential. So stop, read and understand what each one does and how they perform these techniques. The same goes for Masterminds, as they also have unique strategies.

The asymmetric multiplayer experience has everything to work out and entertain fans after the Resident Evil 3 single player campaign. In particular, I look forward to forming groups and starting playing Resident Evil: Resistance.

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League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips



League of Legends (LoL) received patch 10.4 last Thursday (20). The update also brought some changes to Teamfight Tactics (TFT), one of the last changes to the Rise of the Elements set before the game received its third set in March. The buffs and nerfs were small, according to the latest updates, but with a significant change to the Glacial characteristic. See how the metagame has changed and the best compositions of the new patch.

Patrolmen, Poison and Crystal (Tier S)

Champions: Twitch, Ashe, Kindred, Varus, Dr. Mundo, Singed, Amumu and Taric

With the removal of the spatulas on the carousel, it became much more difficult to adapt their compositions, which is why characteristics that do not need transformation do better. Among them, Patrolmen have shown themselves to be increasingly strong, especially when using the other characteristics Veneno and Cristal in the late game. Critical items and attack speed are paramount in Twitch and Ashe, and the player must close the Poison troops with Mundo, Singed and Twitch as soon as possible.


  • Statikk knife and Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury are essential for your porters, preferably at Ashe;
  • This combination is very contested and very expensive, adding the Poison and Crystal effects is extremely necessary, so look for Singed and Taric soon;
  • Guardian Angel in Taric will further increase your team’s chances of survival;
  • Four patrolmen, three poisons and two crystals make you extremely strong. If you manage to reach this point, you will probably compete for first place;
  • Amumu is an extra unit that will add the Inferno and Watchman buff, but it is not a priority. Even so, if the option of using it happens, this is the choice.

Berserkers and Poison (Tier A)

Champions: Dr. Mundo, Sion, Olaf, Jax, Volibear, Renekton, Singed, Twitch and Ezreal

The strength of the Veneno troops has good synergy with another characteristic, the Berserkers. This composition has already entered and left the ranking of the strongest several times, but it should gain a greater boost in this new patch. The new Glacial effect, although better in this new update, is still not drastic, but next to the buff in Olaf and depending on your itemization, it can make a good difference.


  • Ornn and Volibear can guarantee a good early game and get this composition well, in addition to Jax and Renekton, who are easy to get at the beginning;
  • Olaf benefits from speed, attack and resistance items. Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury, Runnan’s Hurricane and Smoldering Cannon are good choices, in addition to Guardian Angel;
  • Alternatively, you can choose to place these items on Twitch, which will also serve as a second loader;
  • If the game is extended to the point of having nine pieces, Ezreal can complement with the effects of Ranger and Glacial;
  • An alternative version of this composition exists with only three Berserkers and using the Veneno and Vigia buffs. However, it is very situational and serves more as an adaptation to the game, in case it is not going very well.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

With buffs, Olaf can become a great carrier in this composition. (Image: Riot Games)

Shadow and Hell (Tier A)

Champions: Kindred, Sion, Malzahar, Varus, Annie, Brand, Zyra, Amumu

This composition has been very popular for a while in the game, based on a lot of massive damage from all team members. The difference is that with the reduction of the Spatula’s appearance, it is much more difficult to transform someone into Hell, so this composition is much more flexible than anything else. With three members of each trait, the player will decide whether it is worth pursuing six Hells or six Shadows, but if he cannot transform someone, it is recommended to go to the Shadow route.


  • On a fire map, use Qiyanna to complement the team with Hells;
  • Kindred is its main charger, as it benefits from both characteristics. Items like Shojin’s Spear, Seraph’s Embrace and Runnan’s Hurricane are great choices for the unit;
  • Sion will be your front line until Amumu arrives. Place defensive items on it, such as Guardian Angel and Dragon’s Claws;
  • Many other units can contribute damage in addition to Kindred. Brand does very well with mana items and magic damage, and Morellonomicon is a good choice for Amumu;
  • Malzahar can be replaced by Master Yi in the late game.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

Kindred remains a solid carry on the Rise of the Elements. (Image: Riot Games)

Summoner and Assassin (Tier S)

Champions: Azir, Annie, Yorick, Kha’Zix, Qiyanna, Zed, Karma and Nami / Soraka

This composition is very flexible but is mainly focused on Azir, a very popular and strong TFT champion who manages to be a great carry. Put it with two stars for the composition to start spinning, and include items like Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury, Shojin’s Spear and Adormada Gauntlet on the magazine. Alternatively, you can use some defense items as well, but always leave Karma at your side to buff it.


  • The composition must revolve around Azir, so the effect of the Summoners, Desert and the presence of Karma beside him is indispensable;
  • With the Summoners’ effect, Azir can attack for longer. Use Malzahar and Zyra at the beginning to take advantage of this effect, but exchange them for Yorick and Annie as soon as possible;
  • It is very difficult to find a Zed in the game, so don’t give priority to the Assassins’ effect. It is important to guarantee Qiyanna and Kha’Zix to have the effect of the Desert which will also benefit Azir;
  • If you get Zed, items like Redemption, Guardian Angel and Dragon’s Claw are great on him;
  • Mystic is a good effect to complete your composition. Nami is a great choice but alternatively, Soraka can be used if Azir is transformed into Light.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

Azir remains very strong and this composition is centered around him. (Image: Riot Games)

Blademaster, Mystic and Desert (Tier A)

Champions: Yasuo, Sivir, Karma, Janna, Leona, Azir / Kha’Zix and Malphite

Growing in popularity since the small buff that Yasuo received in the last patch, this composition is another one that is based around a champion. Being able to use his ability faster this time, Yasuo focuses on the enemy with more items, usually the carry of the enemy team. In addition to Mystic to generate more defense and Desert to do more damage, the composition also brings Lunar and Cloud to further strengthen Yasuo’s ability.


  • Some pieces are essential for the composition, they are: Yasuo, Karma, Sivir, Janna and Azir / Kha’Zix, placing Karma always close to Yasuo;
  • Team Hand of Justice, Guardian Angel and Bloodthirsty at Yasuo;
  • If it is a wind map, Qiyanna can also be added to the composition to enhance the Cloud buff;
  • Kha’Zix or Azir can be your second carrier, with Seraph’s Embrace serving for both, Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury for Azir or Bloodthirsty for Kha’Zix;
  • In the late game, Master Yi can be added for being a Mystic and a Blade Master. If you want the effect of four masters, Aatrox can also be used.
League of Legends Patch 10.4: TFT gets update, check out the tips

The small buff in the previous patch made Yasuo a lot stronger. (Image: Riot Games)


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