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Uncover Why The Happiest Town In The World Is The Good Life



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Are you fond of traveling and dream of making a career out of capturing moments that will last a lifetime? Well, in the RPG (role-playing game) “The Good Life,” co-developed by SWERY's White Owls Inc. with a development team led by Yukio Futatsugi (the creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust), you can take pictures of anyone and anything. Enjoy a great story while having the creative freedom to move around in an open world environment. 

The announced release date for “The Good Life”: Q2 2021. Also, “Good Life” will be available for the following platforms: “PS4 (Playstation 4),” “Xbox One,” “Nintendo Switch,” and “PC.” 

The Good Life - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Naomi (the main character) is a journalist from New York and resides in a backwoods British town called Rainy Woods, to pay off her debt. Her only method of paying off her debt is through photography, where she takes pictures of what is currently going on in “the happiest town in the world.” Yet, the inhabitants of the town are some of the most bizarre you may spot. Solve mysteries with the inhabitants and receive their assistance through what is said to be craziness. 

The two main goals are to pay off your debt with money you earn through photography and to solve a murder that took place in “the happiest town in the world.” The town is full of mystery and horror. 

Do you like secrets? The townspeople seem to enjoy secrets, since they are doing a terrific job in keeping a deep secret. In the moonlight, the townspeople transform into cats and dogs. Once a month, everyone living in “the happiest town in the world” turn into a cat or dog, but why? What type of odd nonsense is this? “The Good Life” still has value and pretending like you may hate this game, may not be your strong suit. 

The Good Life - Announcement Trailer | PS4

Eventually, you can select on whether or not you want to turn into a cat, scratching walls, climbing up to high places, and stealing fish and chips from kitchens. Or you can turn into a dog, following scents, swimming in lakes and rivers, and digging holes. Switch freely between being a cat or dog, if you get far in the story. Your decisions will determine how the townspeople behave, how their lives change (like a normal person becoming the mayor of your friend’s town or an unexpected couple dating), and how the story ends.

There are ways to test your luck in “The Good Life.” Fish your heart out, journey into the mines to discover valuable ore veins, or harvest a field of crops. The game has a variety of parameters: stamina, life, sleepiness, hunger, inebriation, and beauty care. Spice things up by giving Naomi some special beauty care each day or you will unfortunately lose feminine charm. You may love a woman’s hairstyle when she wakes up and the natural skin complexion, but in “The Good Life,” the world wants Naomi to always be looking her best. 

In areas you can reach as a cat, use your telescope lens to snap shots or get nearby subjects as a dog, using a scandal photo. 

[Let's Play by SWERY]_The Good Life PAX EAST Build (Dubbed in English)

How To Make Money: 

Have fun taking photos of anyone, anywhere, then post the photos on the in-game SNS photo app, “Flamingo.” Maybe you can take your photography skills to the next level by selling the photos to the “Morningvale” (a newspaper company) for money. That should definitely change how the inhabitants of the town act. Earn advertising profits for every “Like” your photo gets. Create a beautiful portrait, add filters to animal shots, and choose moments perfect for the seasons. 

Make more money with various part-time jobs. Get your hands dirty. Live on the countryside. Deliver milk, sheet sheep, make jam and hay, do some gardening, work as a bartender, a miner, a casino dealer, or mine for cryptocurrency. As you know, the best or worst part of making money, is spending it. Use that hard earned money to buy new camera equipment, buy new outfits, enjoy an afternoon tea, go out for a drink, start an antique furniture collection, buy an expensive item, and more. 


Celebrated events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter are being considered in the video game. 

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