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Uncharted 5: Will It Ever Happen?

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Naughty Dog recently announced Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves at the official PlayStation Showcase, a double-barrel package featuring A Thief's End and The Lost Legacy for PS5 and PC. But while this newfound collection remains on ice until 2022, fans are beginning to question the IP and whether or not a fifth game will ever come to fulfilment.

As with any IP under the Naughty Dog hold, Uncharted basically pays for itself. And then some. But that doesn't necessarily mean the vein will forever be squeezed for more juicy content. Of course, it is a cash incentive, as it is for The Last of Us and other acclaimed works under the Naughty Dog hammer. But is it something fans honestly want — especially after seeing the beloved Nathan Drake put out to retirement? Now there's the million dollar question.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves releases early 2022 on PS5 and PC.

Will we ever see Uncharted 5?

At present, Naughty Dog haven't officially confirmed Uncharted 5. But that isn't to say it'll never happen, either. After all, with the overwhelming success that followed The Lost Legacy, it's incredibly likely that the devs will dip back into further expeditions in the future, though not technically with Nathan Drake at the helm.

While some would favour Drake making a return to the series for another jam-packed slice of global action, the majority would lean more towards leaving the legacy unscathed and without any unnecessary expansions. But that's honestly a matter of opinion. For all we know, and this could very well happen — Uncharted 5 could actually enrol Drake's daughter into the mix. In fact, at the end of A Thief's End, we were able to play as the curious teen as we unearthed various treasures and prized memories from Nate's treasure-fuelled career. And so, going on that — Uncharted 5 could very well pick up from those smaller shoes.

Video games aside, the official Uncharted movie is currently in motion, with a launch window set for February 22. So, clearly there's still a whole lot of life left in the decade old franchise. And, chances are, there's still plenty of years left to explore on top. But we'll just have to see which way the tides course us. For the moment, only Naughty Dog know what's idling on those award-winning cards.

What would you make of a fifth Uncharted game? Would you pay to see Drake back at the helm for another slice of adventure? Let us know over on our social handle here.

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