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ULTRA MUSHROOM: Everything We Know

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ULTRA MUSHROOM: everything we know

Calling all festival lovers, here is a game that might have an odd appeal. ULTRA MUSHROOM gives you a virtual festival experience but from a distance. No, you are not part of the audience notoriously nodding their heads to the blasting music, but a vendor at one of the stalls. And no, you are not selling merch or drinks, but mushrooms—ultra mushrooms. We don't know what these mushrooms have, but they are a certain hit with the festival-goers. If this sounds like something up your alley, read on to learn more about the game as we bring you everything we know about ULTRA MUSHROOM.



ULTRA MUSHROOM is an upcoming adventure game in development by TRY GAMES, xemono, and room6. 

It's the Ultra Mushroom Festival, and instead of spending money at the festival, why not make some? The game grants you the role of a vendor. Your job is to run a mushroom stall at the three-day festival. This means you need to gather as many mushrooms as you can to meet the growing demand from the festival-goers.


3 part goers dancing

Kinoko, the protagonist with a solid entrepreneurial spirit, hears that someone turned into an overnight millionaire by running a curry stall at the festival. Who wouldn’t want to jump on such an opportunity? Inspired by the news, Kinoko sets off to set up her mushroom stall, selling zero-cost mushrooms, accompanied by Buta, the pig.

Besides Kinoko and Buta, the game will also feature a host of eclectic characters, as outlined below:

  • Mosh enjoys moshing. She came to the festival with a guy she met on a dating app. He ran away after her wild antics, but she’s having too much fun to care.
  • Goggle believes the best sound is right in front of the PA system.
  • Juice is constantly drinking juice through a tube from his backpack; he values hydration to keep dancing.
  • Candy only eats grape-flavored candy and travels from festival to festival.
  • Dr. Mushroom shares intriguing and valuable mushroom information.
  • The Security Guard barely hides his hostility towards couples.
  • Gal and Gal Boy are not actually dating.
  • The Excited Old Man is a retired legendary DJ searching for excitement.

Here is a rundown of the upcoming title from its official Steam Page:

Hey! Wanna rise to the top at a festival stall? “Ultra Mushroom” is a high-energy game where you run a mushroom stall at a three-day festival and see how much you can earn. Gather mushrooms in the mountains by day and sell them at night. The key? Rhythmic banter and ultra mushrooms that bring joy!

Welcome to the outdoor festival “Ultra Mushroom” at the foot of the mountain. There was once a man who made a billion yen in just three days by running a curry stall here. Our protagonist, inspired by this news, comes to the festival with the ambition of making it big with a mushroom stall (with zero cost mushrooms!). Note: The mushrooms in this game are delicious, wholesome, and full of vitality. They're also very healthy.


Bouncer and party goer

The core gameplay loop of the upcoming title revolves around collecting and selling mushrooms. The game features a day and night cycle: you gather mushrooms during the day and sell them at night during the festival. Getting the best zero-cost mushrooms depends on your knowledge and dedication. You can decide to venture deeper into the mountains to find precious mushrooms. But be careful not to wander too far, or you'll be late for the festival.

Selling mushrooms involves keeping the crowd’s energy alive by matching the rhythm of the music playing. You start by choosing a stage, suggesting the game could feature multiple stages with varying difficulty levels. The more excited your crowd is, the more mushrooms they buy from your stall.

You can also engage in interesting conversations with your customers. After they gulp down a few ultra mushrooms, your crowd will share out-of-this-world stories, adding excitement to the gameplay experience. Plus, you can get extra help from your customers to run your stall. The game also features upgrades, allowing you to invest your earnings into improving your stall with high-tech appliances and a cooking station to keep your customers happy.


3 ladies in party

ULTRA MUSHROOM is being developed by TRY GAMES, xemono, and room6, with TRY GAMES and room6 publishing the game. All studios are based in Japan, with TRY GAMES being relatively new to the scene. Xemono studios, founded in 2019, is behind the point-and-click adventure game Needy Streamer Overload

The game, which first launched in 2022 via Steam, reportedly sold over one million units a year later. The developers recently announced the availability of the title’s Switch physical edition for North American fans. With this experience on board, the upcoming title is certainly geared for greatness.


ULTRA MUSHROOM was revealed during INDIELiveExpo2024. The showcase shared a snippet of the upcoming title, featuring high-energy psychedelic animations. We also get brief glimpses of the eclectic characters who will be part of the crowd. The characters are bursting with personality against vibrant backgrounds, ideal for a festival setting. However, the trailer does not feature gameplay elements. Presumably, the developers will release a subsequent trailer showcasing gameplay.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

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ULTRA MUSHROOM is scheduled for a 2025 launch, with no specific date released yet. As of now, we can confirm that the upcoming game will be available on PC platforms via Steam. 

Additionally, we don't have information on the editions to expect. Based on previous games by Xemono studio, we might see a special edition launching later, but this is pure speculation. We will confirm once more information is available. 

Since many details remain scarce at the moment, we will keep you updated as we learn more. Follow the developers' official social media handle here for the latest updates. Meanwhile, we'll watch for new information and let you know as soon as anything pops up.

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of ULTRA MUSHROOM when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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