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Twitch Lowers Minimum Payout Threshold for Streamers



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Twitch has reduced its minimum payout threshold for streamers, according to the company’s latest blog post. The payout threshold has been slashed to $50, down from $100, as part of Twitch’s efforts toward creating a “faster, easier payout experience.” 

The new policy will ensure partners and affiliates, whose earnings are relatively small, will be able to withdraw their income more frequently. The new policy will be rolled out on July 15 for Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. Other countries will also follow suit through November.

There are only a minority of streamers, such as Asmongold or Pokimane, with massive earnings in contrast to the vast majority in this competitive market. The company expects at least 70,000 streamers to benefit from the updated payout policy. 

Twitch has always been focused on improving the overall experience it offers. It has also stated that it would like to pay streamers as soon as they are finished with their streaming. The common payment options, including ACH/direct deposit, eCheck/local bank, PayPal, and check, will accept the reduced $50 payout. Due to transfer expenses, wire transfer payouts will continue to demand a $100 minimum. 

Twitch has been considering adjusting how Partners get paid in addition to making other adjustments to the partner program. According to Bloomberg, the business has considered reducing the pay of top streamers and offering incentives for streamers to broadcast more advertisements.

However, none of these initiatives have been officially announced, thus it is unclear how Twitch would modify its Partner program guidelines.

Streaming platforms, such as YouTube Gaming Live and Facebook Gaming, have witnessed a recent fall in their growth, as per a report from Steamlabs. Due to normalcy returning after COVID-19 and the uncertain economic situation worldwide, people have less time and money for leisure activities, like streaming. 

However, Twitch has been the only exception in this market, showing growth over the last quarter, and continues to add more streamers to its platform. 

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