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5 Triple-A Games That Went Under the Radar in 2022



The Triple-A gaming space is one where it can be incredibly hard for a game to compete. With so many titles released with massive budgets and differing visions, it can be hard to keep up. At the same time, this healthy competition is really great for the consumer. Unfortunately, this practice often causes otherwise great games to fly under the radar. So to discuss this issue, we present to you our list of the 5 Triple-A Games That Went Under the Radar in 2022.

5. Bayonetta 3

While it is assumed that the highly-anticipated sequel to Bayonetta 2 would receive a ton of fanfare and hype around, this strangely wasn't the case with Bayonetta 3. At the same time, there were undoubtedly fans of the game. As well as many reasons to like the game, making it somewhat of a sleeper hit for 2022. This moment should have been a triumphant moment for the series. But, unfortunately, it seemed to turn out to be a flash in the pan simply. This is a real shame, considering the time and effort that went into developing one of the smoothest action games on the market.

However, there were quite a lot of issues with the game from the outset. These include things such as the replacement of the voice actress for the main character. This obviously left some fans feeling down about it, with some fans even boycotting the game. This, obviously, didn't do much for the game's reputation. Despite this, however, the game has gone on to receive a lot of love, even from former detractors. So if you are looking for a game that stands out among other Triple-A games but just didn't receive the recognition it deserved. Then Bayonetta 3 certainly fits the bill.

4. Marvel's Midnight SunsMarvel's Midnight Suns Review

Having been developed by seasoned XCOM developers at Firaxis Games, the stage was set for greatness with Marvel's Midnight Suns. But what should have been a triumphant run for the real-time strategy game ultimately flopped. This is in no way due to the game, however, as many of the turn-based combat mechanics are simply stellar and show all of the lessons learned by the developers throughout the XCOM series. Featuring the brand power of something like Marvel, one would have assumed the success of this game would be a no-brainer.

Well, this wasn't entirely the case. Upon release, the game was praised for its gameplay elements and presentation. But that somehow just didn't translate into overwhelming sales for the title. While the game, for the most part, worked as intended, there were a few issues noted, such as a poor release window for the game. This is a testament to how sometimes the intangibles within marketing can affect the relative rollout of a product. Marvel's Midnight Suns did more than live up to the task, simply to be drowned out by other Triple-A games.

3.  Ghostwire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo What you should know before buying

Next on our list of Triple-A games that just didn't receive the attention expected, we have Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game had a unique premise that made it stand out enough, as well as a fantastic presentation and art direction to boot. However, without the brand recognition of other titles that were released around the same time, few people picked this game up. If they had, they would find that the game has an interesting combat system, as well as great level design and many other aspects.

It is a shame that more people did not pick up this game when it launched. However, this isn't all bad. Because many people have since gone back and revised the game in order to properly appreciate it. The martial arts focus blended with magic makes the game somewhat reminiscent of games such as Jade Empire, which weave magic into their combat abilities. So if you are looking for a game to play that might not have received the love it deserved in 2022, then this is a fantastic choice. You certainly won't be disappointed with Ghostwire: Tokyo.

2. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land suffers from a few issues that are no fault of its own. These primarily are the sparse popularity of the Kirby franchise due to it being seen as childlike. This certainly doesn't do the game any favors in this current gaming market. Added to this is the fact that the main draw of this particular title is something that we have seen in previous games such as Super Mario Odyssey. For those who don't know, Kirby has the ability to “possess ” objects in the game. This gives him their traits and shapes.

A huge part of the game is the level design, which for the most part, is stellar. However, some players have drawn criticism concerning Kirby‘s controls. Seeing as you spend the runtime of the game dealing with these controls, it can be seen as an issue. If you can overlook these minuscule issues, however, the game is great on its own. And it requires the player to use their captured abilities effectively. To close, the fact that Kirby and the Forgotten Land was, for the most part, forgotten about this year is a real shame.

1. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin5 Best Characters in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The Final Fantasy series has a ton of games, some good, some great, and some underappreciated. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin would definitely go in the underappreciated category. The action RPG helmed by Team Ninja has a ton of great elements working for it. However, there were quite a few issues plaguing the release. These include but aren't limited to a leak of the game, in which players were able to find out about the game early. And a lukewarm demo reception.

The lukewarm reception certainly didn't do the game any favors with fans. And with such great games coming out this year in the Triple-A space, it was certainly hard to compete. That isn't to say that the game didn't receive some accolades during its release. It actually did quite well in its first few weeks. All in all, this game is definitely worth a revisit for those who either haven't played the game yet or wrote it off during a busy Triple-A gaming year of 2022.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Triple-A Games That Went Under the Radar in 2022? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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