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Top 5 Psychedelic Video Games



The Verge. ©. Nov. 18, 2018.

It is time for the 5 of the most ridiculously psychedelic video games. We all saw at least one insanely outlandish video game in our life and probably couldn’t name it off the top of our head. It was probably psychedelic to the core. Whether or not you love or hate psychedelic games, they provide humanity with random oddities and an overwhelming amount of unexpected moments.  

5. The Artful Escape:

I know “The Artful Escape hasn’t been released yet, was expected to be released in 2020, but it’s expected to be released this year. Just from the trailer of “The Artful Escape,” it’s another dimension of psychedelic gameplay. The main character (Francis Vendetti), the nephew of deceased folk-music legend, Johnson Vendetti, is in the year 1972. He is struggling from measuring up to be as great as a musician as Johnson, but make his own music career. 

Developed by Beethoven & Dinosaur, (‘The Artful Escape’ was previously known as ‘The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti’). Francis can play a guitar to create a bridge, which is an odd gameplay style, yet, poetic when you think about it. If you do a tremendous job, your career may build bridges and in this musically-inclined landscape, Francis is focused on his first ever concert. 

Playing the guitar can also cause Francis to face against boss characters. You can study creatures to obtain a sound sample, creating your own soundtrack for the game. The “Artful Escape” will be published by “Annapurna Interactive,” available for Xbox One, iOS, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and Microsoft Windows. 

The Artful Escape - X019 Trailer

4. Plasma Pong: 

While “Tetris,” the video game paved the way for many games, there’s one similar with neon lights. The plasma substance in “Plasma Pong” wanders in various directions. You can pull in or push out the ball from the paddles and explode when a goal is scored. The colors of the plasma will constantly change. 


Plasma Pong Gameplay

3. Tetris Effect:

Yes! If you want to feel like you lost your mind after grueling hours of playing “Tetris Effect,” then here is your game. Maybe the game will relax with with its dreamlike effects, making it feel like you are the after effects of a sleeping pill. Dramatic symbols (like triangles, circles, etc.) pop up in the background as if you just took psychedelic drugs, (I have never taken any) but the symbols are on the screen as you play the game.

One moment, you’re staring at the constellations in the background, then you may get distracted from getting a high score. The puzzles you put together may just light up as a modified version of the regular “Tetris.” If you prefer a regular game of Tetris, then that’s just wonderful. 

2. Rez Infinite:

“Rez Infinite” is a shooter game that allows you to be a synesthete whenever you want to play. Well, you’re a full body levitating around and can shoot villains, but you’re levitating around like dead weight as music plays. Fly into cosmic vortexes, landscapes where trees fall like they’re playing dead, where flying objects appear in different shapes, colors, and sizes, etc. 

1: LSD: Dream Emulator (1998):

After playing “LSD: Dream Simulator,” you get the visual LSD experience (in a first-person perspective of a 3D environment) via a video game. In this game, you’re in a dream world full of 100% surreal environments and the objects you touch can warp you into another setting. Each dream level lasts up to 10 minutes, where you can walk through tunnels, a Japanese village, houses, a factory, etc. 

Bonus: Soundself:

“Soundself: A Technodelic” is a video game where you can tap into a higher level of relaxation. The psychedelic game responds to your voice while you listen to sounds for a euphoric experience. Centuries of mindful wisdom can be learned by following meditation guides via a video game.

While you sit in a comfortable position, you’ll be looking at scenery like a silhouetted tree in the night sky, a spiral circle, swimming backgrounds, and more within the predetermined algorithm. If you’d like to get get into a trancelike state, “Soundself” is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

SoundSelf: "gameplay" capture

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