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Things To Expect From Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Update

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The Season of Dawn update is just around the corner, and Bungie has decided to reveal what it will have in store for Destiny 2 players. They have done so with season 9 calendar, which clearly details the plan. The season will be running from December 10 until March 9, and here is what to expect.


A roadmap of Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

New season brings a lot of changes

Season Of Dawn Introduces Sundial

One of the most anticipated aspects is the novel PvE mode titled Sundial, which will be available to everyone who buys a season pass. This will be a 6-player mode located on Mercury, one of the games' smallest locations, where you are called by Osiris.  There, we will be battling against Cabal. There will also be a Legend version, which will come on January 7th, and will work similarly to raids. The Sundial will let you battle the following bosses:

  1. Niruul, The Hollow Voice (December 10)
  2. Ozletc, The Sky Piercer (December 17)
  3. Tazaroc, The Suneater (December 24)
  4. Inotam, Oblivion's Trieun (February 4)


Free And Premium Content

As we mentioned above, some content will be available to premium players only. Aside from Sundial, this includes: Legend Sundial, Save a Legend, and 2 exotic quests Bastion and Devil's Run. We also cannot wait for an event on Feb.4 called Empyrean Foundation, which is kept in total secrecy. It is also possible that Bungie has some further surprises, just remember the Outbreak Perfected quest which came out of nowhere.


Bungie provided the following content to everyone. First, we have The Lantern of Osiris, which is a new artifact. You will also be able to test your skills against other players in a new PvP mode called Elimination. Rusted Lands map is also back for a much-needed encore. Additionally, Mars Obelisks and Tangled Shore locations are back in game.

Destiny 2 revisits Tangled Shore

Tangled Shore comes back with Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn acts as a battle pass and there are 100 ranks to acquire. Each time you rank up, you are going to acquire Eververse Bright Engram.

New Mechanic And Randomized Finishers

Various mods will now feature Charged With Light mechanic, which will activate when you successfully perform combat moves like using finishers or breaking enemies shield. This will affect other mods, that will get a bonus in relation to how many stacks of CWL you use. In recent reveal, we could see how this plays out with a mod called Protective Light. When paired with CWL, we get the following effects:

  • When your shield is destroyed, you will get reduced damage vs combatants (costs all stacks of CWL). The duration of this effect depends on the number of stacks.
  • Strength stat gets lowered by 10

Mods that lower stats are a new feature to Destiny 2, and we can't wait to see how this will pan out.

Furthermore, on the reveal stream, Bungie told us that players will now be able to randomize finishing moves. You can favorite up to 9 finishers, one of which will play at random every time your Guardian uses finisher. Many fans have requested this feature, and it's great to see that Bungie is listening to its fanbase.

All in all, it seems that we are in for one hell of a season.


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